Monday, March 23, 2009

So close…and yet…


Last week, Brian mentioned to me that he was in need of some more undershirts. 

Do you remember when all of his undershirts mysteriously vanished? 

Some of them have come home, but the rest are still out gallivanting around Boise. 

And the ones that DID come home…well…sometimes I get a little distracted doing Joseph’s laundry, and I forget to wash BRIAN’S, and then he has no undershirts, and then he cries, and…well, you get the idea. 

I agreed that, instead of making a commitment to do his laundry more regularly, it was much easier to just go buy more shirts.

You pick your battles, people.

So, Joseph and I made a special trip out to Target. 

Mind you, I was sick at the time. 

And, Joseph HATES SHOPPING so much that after just a few minutes in the cart, he started crying, wiggling, throwing his head back in anger, and actually hitting the cart. 

My trips to Target are not what they once were.

We survive the trip, we get home, unload all of the groceries (I had to get a few things at Target- like a new skirt- just to make it worth the gas.) and I present the t-shirts to Brian. 

He gives me a pat on the head for a job well done, and praises me on my commitment to wifely-awesomeness.

I beam, and nod humbly (really, everything I do in life is for the praise it brings me..) and say, “Honey, could you put your new undershirts away in your drawer for me?”

Sure!” he says and trots off to the bedroom.

Wow, that was easy!  I think.  How nice that he is feeling so helpful! 

Then, a few hours later, I went into the bedroom.

This is what I encountered:



TECHNICALLY, the shirts are in the drawer…

Oh how I laughed.

Oh how I cried.

And then I ran to get my camera so that I could share it with all of you.



(Sorry, Brian, I just couldn’t resist. 

The world had to know. 

I love you and appreciate that you make me look SOOOOOOOO good as a housekeeper, wife, and general tidy-up-er.  So, thanks. 

Oh yeah, and thanks for working so hard and making all of the money around here while I lounge on the computer eating jellybeans and online shopping. 



Ter said...

that's so funny and cute. *sigh* Hubbys are so funny and annoying that way. I miss mine.

T Rex Mom said...

I like the continuity with the previous posting. Funny! So sad to hear Joseph doesn't like shopping. When we go grocery shopping Thomas carries a balloon around the entire time and then we put it back before leaving! What ever works, right?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that he can't possibly be that far off of average with that move.

Maureen said...

He is very literally, a man of his word...and always has been :)

Jenners said...

That is men for you! Follow the exact letter of the law. And I bet when he is sent to look for something, he just LOOKS and never moves anything around to see behind or under anything!