Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Favorites and Not So Favorites.



My Friday Favorite this week is:

2-21-09 038

My sister introduced me to these while I was in Oregon last (shout out, Carrie!), and MAN, are they good!

They are strong, flavorful, spicy, delicious.

And I can get them at Winco for about 2 buckeroos.

Whenever I am feeling a little bored, or like I just really want to munch on something-

one or two of these will kick me in the mouth and leave me satisfied! (a combination which I think you don’t hear of very often…)

Oddly, Joseph loves them too.  He will eat several at a time!  That’s my boy!

My Friday Not-So-Favorite:

(You do realize that I could call this my Friday LEAST favorite- but no.)


I got these Crayola Begginning Scribblers Markers at Target.  They are supposed to be good for toddlers because they are easy to hold. 

I love art projects, and I am always trying to get Joseph involved, so I was excited to use them.

They were a total bummer.

Now, maybe I got a faulty set or something?  but the ink just POURED out.  All over the paper, dripped up Joseph’s arm, etc. 

The only good thing I can say about them is that they are washable.

The fact that they don’t have a lid and don’t dry out is supposed to be a good feature, but they just function like a giant, sloppy ink pad.


Not impressed.

Bad form, Crayola, Bad form.

(I am totally going to try the crayon ones.)



Maureen said...

Definite RETURN/REFUND! I'd be disappointed, too.

Midwest Mommy said...

My hubs would love those.

Thanks for the heads up about the scribblers. I always wanted to try those.

T Rex Mom said...

How does he do with the Melissa and Doug ones like you gave us? Thomas really likes those and they work pretty good!