Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday Fun-day




Things That I Love About This Picture:

1) Joseph was locked outside because he was so dirty and we didn’t want to let him in.

2) He is knocking.

3) Note my bulbs strewn about the patio.

4) Along with the potting soil.

5) There is latte on his shirt.

6)  His face says, “Hey!  Let me in!”


Monday was a BEAUTIFUL day!  68 degrees out in our neck of the woods!

My friend Colleen came over with her baby Cooper, and the boys played outside in the warm sun for at least an hour.


Running around, drinking Starbucks lattes they stole from us, jabbering, eating dirt….

My kind of day.



T Rex Mom said...

Very cool - wish we could have been there.

Nina said...

Those were such cute pic's. I can't wait for 68 degrees and time outside. Soon....

Rob said...

I so wish that it was over 30 degrees here. Oh well. I think I would have been mad until I thought about it. Kids are kids and you are the one who left your bulbs out right?


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Halftime Lessons said...

What beautiful kids, and what a beautiful property!!
Dammit...I'm coveting again...


Rachel said...

Aren't you glad for all the little messes they leave us?

Nicole said...

I love it when they can wear their little bodies out in the fresh air and sun. It makes thier moods so much more bearable!

Maureen said...

I can just see them on a play structure... yet another project for Father and Son! Adorable little boys :)

angie said...

My twins did the same thing just the other day. I locked them out as well. But, I didn't get any cute pictures. :)