Thursday, February 6, 2014




The forecast announced a winter storm warning for today, and I had no food in the house.

I almost didn’t go to the store (Oregon weathermen are somewhat excitable, and the snow predictions often come to nothing), but I made myself go, scratchy throat and all, with a “Real Feel” of minus 3degrees outside. (thank you, momma, for watching my baby in your warm cozy house.)

As I walked out of Fred Meyer with my cart full of groceries, the snowflakes started.  And didn’t stop until 7pm.


I’m so glad I went- is there any better feeling for a Momma then having a house full of food and a warm furnace for her babies on a snowy day?




I sent them out to play (It may be the only snow my boys see for years) and I had just long enough to take pictures, clean up Samuel’s earlier popcorn extravaganza, and start the hot chocolate when my baby fell facefirst in the snow and decided he had had enough.



The big boys followed soon after.




Before bed, Joseph reluctantly, very reluctantly, did a “snowbunny dance” that his teacher told him to do so that they could have a snow day tomorrow.

Not 5 minutes later, I got an email of the district’s closing, and ran in to tell joseph, who yelled, “IT WORKED!” and gave me a big kiss.


Then I took a cup of tea, my boots and jacket, and went out to stand in the snow.  Listening to the stillness and seeing the brightness, and feeling so thankful to see the snow again.

And if my throat doesn't hurt to bad in the morning, there will be strawberry waffles for breakfast. 

Plus lots and lots of movies!

Life is good.