Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happenings around here



-- I smell fall!!  Anyone else?  I can’t wait!  Because

a) hooded sweatshirts make great postpartum-tummy-camouflage

b) Two words: candy corn

c)  school resumes, meaning that all of our favorite hang-outs spots will be nice and deserted- just the way I like them!

But, we are squeezing the last few drops out of summer around here, as seen throughout this post.

2012-08-25 19.30.11

--Brian and I have gone on TWO dates this past month, both to celebrate our anniversary (7 years!), and to stock up on happy-togetherness before the baby arrives. 

(At which point I will be so tired and hormonal that I will burst into tears whenever I look at him and everything he says will make me think he thinks I look fat.  I’m guessing.)

One of them included a fishing trip!  Which was sooo fun!

2012-08-18 18.45.37

(whoopsie!  Not a fish!  It was a giant crawdad!)


But probably MOSTLY only fun for me since it went a bit like this:


step 1:  Brian puts the worm on the hook while I look the other way and feel slightly nauseous/teary.

step 2:  Brian casts the…line?…worm?  into the water while I try to tell him where to put it (“OVER THERE!  I THINK I SAW A FISH OVER THERE!”)

step 3:  Brian hands me the poll

step 4:  I reel it in slowly

step 5:  FISH ON!!  I DID IT!  I GOT ONE!

step 6:  When it brakes the surface of the water, I avert my eyes again (fish = creeeeepy) while Brian catches it in the net

step 7:  Brian kills it somehow (I don’t watch of course) and sticks on another worm.





-- An actual conversation today

Brian:  “Isaac??!  What is that in your mouth?”

Isaac: spits out a necklace.

Brian:   “Oh no!  That’s dangerous!  We don’t EAT necklaces!”

Isaac:  “Only Dada do’s.  Only Dada eats necklaces.”

Me:  “NO!  No one eats necklaces!”

Isaac:  “Isaac eats necklaces.”


--Sadly, yesterday was the day that Joseph finally asked me about pushing out a baby. 

Until now the ol’ vague “…and then I push it out!” was working for him. (and me!  I don’t need to know any more thankyouverymuch!)

Getting wetter...

But, he wanted to know HOW it comes out.  “How, Mama?  How do you push it out of your belly?”

So, sigh, I told him.  Vaguely.  VERY vaguely.  As in, “Well I push it out of my bottom.”

Joseph shrieked: “Like a poop?!”

Me (nervous):  “ummmm…kind of.  yep.  but out of my girl bottom.” 

I then realized that he does not know what “girl bottom” means (advantage to having all boys!) and  I averted my eyes, hoping hoping hoping that he wouldn’t ask.

 Isaac doing his thing!

First, he laughed, like noooooo.

Then I nodded like yessssss.

And then he shrieked (again): “DOESN’T THAT HURT??!”

To which I replied in the affirmative.  Yep.  Definitely.  BUT that they can give you medicine to make it not hurt so much.

Joseph showing his Momma how SOAKED he is

He was silent, digesting this turn of events.

I was silent, trying to make him feel open to talk to me while simultaneously wishing I was somewhere else. (preferably sleeping.)  Toeing the line between repressing natural curiosity and scarring him for life.


He sighed, shook his head and said, “Let’s go wake up Dada from his nap.”

And he hasn’t mentioned it since.


Eyebrows blown up by the fountain!

(Running through the big fountain made his eyebrows shoot straight up!)


-- Speaking of waking Brian – he is home!  Before the baby came out!  And he avoided the most recent NYC shooting!

He sent us a video from the airport, during which he told the boys that he would be home when they woke up in the morning, and that they could, I quote “Come punch me in the head or something to wake me up and say hi!” and then he laughed...

Until 6:20 AM

when Joseph complied.







Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, hello

I’m still here.

And very pregnant.
More pregnant, even, than this picture which was taken about a week and a half ago. It bloggles the mind how pregnant I am. (and I still have 3.5 more weeks to go…)
Let’s just say that I saw something on the ground last night and I couldn’t tell if it was a fuzzy? or a bug? And I just kept on walking so I wouldn’t see it move and have to bend over.

Also, Brian has to give me boosts out of bed/chairs/etc.

Well, he has to give me boosts when he isn’t IN NEW YORK CITY FOR A WEEK like he is right now!
Everyone feels a little nervous about him being gone so close to d-day.
Tick, tick, tick.

I am almost completely prepped for the baby though!
I had to take a break to get myself off of this computer and get to setting things up already!
About a week or two ago, I finally got down (read: had brian get down) from the attic all of the baby things.
AND, I washed them, only to discover that I actually had no dresser for the baby. Or closet space.
So, I panicked a little.

But, now we are under control (relatively. Because if this growing stack of small blue clothing is any indication- I AM GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY SOON!! Good heavens! I have no idea how I will do it!)
and I am allowed back on the computer.

In other news, Isaac has started sticking things up his nose!
Did you miss us?