Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here we are.


Were you worried? 

This is the first time I have been able to sit down (okay, BRIAN has been able to sit down) and set me up with my LiveWriter account, and have me somehow work remotely from his work computer’s account and I am sitting wedged in a small chair on Joseph’s computer and…well… its been complicated around here. And I’m not sure that I fully understand it.

But I’m here! In Oregon!

(SIDE NOTE:  Oregon has had more snow since we arrived than Jersey did all year! And more rain since…well…I’m not really sure what is normal around here anymore. But DAAAAANG it rains a lot.)

I will catch you up on us all- shall, I?




- Still thinking that it is hilarious to stick out his tongue, despite the fact that I keep referring to it as a slimy-germ-filled-slug.  Wait, perhaps I am making it more appealing to a 4 year old boy?


- Has had pretty much a full time smile on his face since we arrived.

- Keeps talking about how fresh the air is.

- Keeps telling people that now they can see him whenever they want!!


- Says that he doesn’t miss our New Jersey house at all, and that he thinks we did a good job choosing our “New home.”

-Is obsessed with Lego Batman, and the accompanying game on his (new, papa-built) computer.






-Still real naughty (like vaseline on my Kindle naughty)


- Still real cute



- Seems to like our “New Home” and hasn’t really tried to ask about the old one.


- Has discovered that he can make his brother yell by throwing his lego batman- causing the head to fling off.


- Happy.



- Helllooooo Baby #3!

(I am 15 weeks and change)

-Loving having friends/company

-Trying to figure out how to juggle the fun friend/family time with the I need to finish unpacking and clean my toilets time.


- On week 3 of a hoarse voice.  Not sure if it is some weird  pregnancy symptom or…?

- Wondering how much longer this hair-tie-through-button-hole system is going to hold up, forcing me to succumb to full time maternity pants.


- Happy Happy Happy!