Wednesday, September 3, 2014



I am funneling an extra dose of love and attention to my sweet, naughty little middle child.



I swear he hasn’t stopped talking since we dropped off Joseph.



I think its going to be a good year for this one!





PS If you can’t hear what I whispered at the end of the video it was: “I TOLD YOU HE HASN’T STOPPED TALKING!” haha!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of First Grade


Today was my baby Joseph’s first day of FIRST GRADE!


When did they start making toddlers go to school, people, because I swear he is still my toddler.  Or maybe my infant.  But SIX AND A HALF?!  I don’t believe it.


He was as cool as a cucumber this morning- his only complaint was the 20 mosquito bites that he got at the Labor Day campout on Sunday.  (20 is impressive until I tell you that Isaac has over 30)


I, however, am projecting all of my fears onto the situation.



Fears that I am praying about include:

1) Who will he sit by at lunch?

2) Lunch in general: Did I pack enough?  Can he get everything open?

3)  Who will he play with at recess?

4)  Will he feel comfortable asking to use the bathroom?

5)  The bus.  Oooooooh the bus ride home.  I can’t even type it out.  Just- how?, where? and what if??!


Toss that in with a smattering of mommy guilt that we uprooted him from his friends at his old school and well…its been a little rough on me internally.


And YES, thank you, I KNOW HE WILL BE FINE.  I know it like how when you are little and crying because you are tired, and your parents say, “You are just tired,” and you shout “NO!” even though you know the answer is yes.  But you still want to cry for a little while.


But soon he will be home, and all will be well, and we will eat the chocolate cake I am baking for the occasion, and he will tell me all about his day, and I will be relieved that he is no longer forcing me to listen to a play-by-play of the Lego Movie.

The End.