Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shots from Today

Here are some things from today:

My table’s centerpiece


Our “Phantom of the Opera” Chandelier


Watching a kite with no pants on


Homemade pizza


A mix of homemade organic, whole wheat pizza crust, Tillamook cheese, Artichoke hearts, olives and chemical-ridden processed-to-the-extreme turkey pepperoni. You do what you can.

IMG_7341 I like mine with avocado and tomatoes on top.

A bowl full of green for Joseph (Green beans + mashed avocados)IMG_7319

A laughing baby.


Smiley eyes.


Excited Toes



Our new book corner


It’s Been A Good One!!

To Boise With Love

I must be in a letter-writing frame of mind this week, because here we go again!


Dear Boise, Idaho,

I get that you are a high desert. I really do. And I get that you are known for bright blue sunny skies, and we all think that’s great.

So, you’ve proved your point.

You win.

Enough, Already!

88 degrees? Really? Tomorrow is October 1st. It has been fall for quite some time. Please get with the program.

I appreciated your nice, warm, sunshine from May through August, I just think it is time to mix it up a little. Be creative! Fall temperatures, clouds, rain, maybe even some hail? I’m game!! The world is your oyster!

Until March when I will be writing you a completely opposite letter,

An Oregonian Shriveling Beneath Your Rays


P.S. I hate you.

I May Have Cursed Out Loud


Cottage Cheese- Why’d you do me like that?  Totally unnecessary!!!!


I got most of it, but some curds are still stuck to the back wall.

You can barely see them…

I’m leaning towards leaving it….

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Monday, September 29, 2008


garbage truck

Dear Garbage Man (Waste Disposal Technician?),

I am afraid of you. The sound of your tank (or “truck” as you call it), strikes fear and panic in my heart.

Before you arrive, peace and serenity are mine. After you leave, all I am left with are hysterical siren wails coming from my baby’s room.

I know that you have a hard, tiring, thankless, and probably often smelly job- but do you think that you could do it a bit quieter?

Thank you!

Love Always,

The Woman Who Glares At You From Her Window

P.S. You seem to have dropped some garbage on my sidewalk…

We May Be Evicted…

Because Joseph doesn’t like potatoes.

I mashed some up with butter and cheese yesterday (YUM!!), and he just cried and shook his head “no” when I tried to feed it to him.  I even tried to cube some up and let him feed it to himself, but he just threw it off of the tray.


This picture is a little blurry because he was in mid head shake.

He preferred to eat his carrot/pumpkin mixture.  Odd, odd child.

Anyway, don’t tell anyone!!  Hopefully he will grow out of this stage by school-age…

ps. It has been pointed out that I make a lot of Idaho / potato jokes.  Well,

1) Really, when you think of Idaho, what do you think of?  Yep, potatoes.  Even our Idaho license plates say “Idaho- Famous Potatoes.”  I cannot make these things up.

2) They really are delicious here, and cheap, cheap, cheap!  Even free if you go out in the field after harvest and get the leftovers yourself. (I didn’t.)

3) People really do grow them everywhere around here.  And by everywhere, I mean that my neighbor, in our subdivision, is currently growing some in her backyard.

So, until Idaho gets a new crop to put us on the map, potatoes it is.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

He Likes Me, He Really Likes Me!

This post could also be called "Laughing With Cheerio."

Idaho's "Gems" Part 1

Idaho is known as the Gem State.  I am not sure why, but I'm left to assume that, at some point, people must have found a bunch of Gemstones here.  Either that, or it was a ploy to get people to move here.  (Like how Greenland is really icy and barren, but was called Greenland to fool people into immigrating...fun fact.  It worked, too!)

As I go about my life here in Idaho, I have found some Idahoan "Gems" of my own.  I will share them with you as I find them and work up the courage to photograph them. 

(Disclaimer: To my Idaho friends or any Idahoans who may, at some point, read this; Please do not be offended.  Idaho has been good to me, and I enjoy it.  My son is an Idahoan, so it is close to my heart.  And, man, we have some GOOOOOOD potatoes!!  Even you will have to admit, though, that we have some strange ones out here...)

Idaho's First Gem:


Don't worry about trying to enlarge this picture to discern what it is.  It is what you think it is.  A vending machine.  For worms.

You can find this beauty right outside of a major grocery store.  To the left of it are the pop dispensers. 

Is there really such a shortage of worms out here?  Are people really going to grocery stores to pick some up?  Apparently so, because this thing has been around the whole time that we have, and it is always stocked.

You can press the yellow buttons depending on the type of worms you need.  Like nightcrawlers, or some kind that is supposed to attract different kind of fish... I am pretty vague on the details because I am always too embarrassed to be seen looking at it for too long.

I also wonder, do the worms come out in some kind of a container, or just a wiggling glob that you have to scoop out?

If someone sends me $2.50, double dog dares me, and Brian is willing to block me from view, then I suppose we could all find out.  Really, though, I don't think that we want to know.  So let’s not.

Don't you worry, there is lots more where that came from!

New Trick

Joseph learned a new trick on Friday- he can wave "bye-bye!" He waved for the first time at some random, large, and sightly scary looking, construction worker who talked to him at a local bagel joint. Maybe he was just happy to leave? In any case, here is the proof.

My book of baby milestones says that most babies start waving around 7-9 months, but hey, better late than never! (I choose to believe that the book is outdated...)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


PS. Just for memory's sake, here is what else happened on Fourth of July weekend, besides me looking all frumpy...


IMG_6121 IMG_6124 Me running into the wall in the garage.  (Luckily my friend jumped out of the way in time.  Seriously.)  I was just trying to park the car.  Darn those crocs getting stuck under the brake....



IMG_6099 IMG_6103 IMG_6091

SURPRISE!!  Joseph is allergic to penicillin...

A Mom in My Mirror

So, I was looking at my friend’s Facebook album the other day, when I came across a picture of myself. 

It was quite a shock. 

I stared at it while gnawing at my nails....okay a cookie..., trying to decide what exactly it was that bothered me so much about it.  Then, it hit me-

I looked like a mom.  And not just any mom…

“THAT Mom.”

The kind of mom that I always made fun of. (Not you, of course, darling Mother of mine!)  Dorky, behind the times, slightly frumpy, frazzled.

Well, I am not sure how to explain it, so here is the picture.  It speaks louder than words.


Please ignore the cute girl on your right, that is not me.  I am the one wearing some old baggy shirt, sporting flabby underarms, bruises on her shins, and socks with her Crocs.  Yep.  See what I mean?

(Oh yes, and there is a monitor next to me while I am watching fireworks.  Paranoid much?)

To add insult to injury, I tried to take a self-portrait the next morning and this is what it looked like:


You know that I must love you if I am willing to share this with you. 

Honestly, until I looked at the picture, I had forgotten that I hadn’t showered or brushed my hair yet that day.  What happened?

I pondered all morning-and by pondered I mean that I ate an inappropriate number of apple turnovers in a fit of depression.

I came to a conclusion while I was on a morning walk with Joseph. (No, I did not shower, or put on make up before going, but I did add some fuzzy orange socks to go with my crocs, and an oversized sweatshirt, so I think that I was looking pretty HOT.)

The first few (read: 10 so far) months of motherhood have been so all-consuming that they have…well…consumed me.  And, let’s face it, mostly people are looking at Joseph when we are out and about, and he is almost always dressed in an adorable and coordinating outfit. 

When they look at me, they will just assume that I am tired.  And, let’s face it, I am! 

It has been easy and, well, extremely comfortable to slip into the “Mom” persona.  And I am mostly okay with that.  I will continue to make a mad dash to the bathroom 10 minutes before Brian gets home to “spruce up,” I will continue to shower daily, and try to get cute clothes when they are comfy and cheap, but, other than that, I’m good. 

In that picture, my clothes are comfortable, my arms are comfy for hugging, my shins are....well...I'm just clumsy, and my shoes are machine washable (and DISHWASHER safe!)  That's pretty cool.

See!  Being a mom can still mean being cool!  I just don’t have to be AS cool as before.  I am cool in a comfy, cheap, practical, it's-okay-to-get-vomited-on sort of way.  Joseph and Brian both love me anyway.

Plus, now that I am fatter, I can make more fat jokes and food jokes and not get hit.  No one, in reality, likes that skinny girl who can eat whatever she wants and not have to exercise.  Really now.

I sigh contentedly at this conclusion and continue my walk. 

And yell at the car passing to SLOW DOWN!!!  Honestly, drivers today....

Hello My Name Is


Likes: Being eaten by Caitlin

Dislikes: Being eaten by Brian (I am saving myself for Caitlin)

Accomplishments: I am a soft, moist bread, with a thick, sweet (but not too sweet!) cinnamon swirl.  I am absolutely delicious!!!!  I also make excellent french toast, regular toast, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Where do you come from?: Franz makes me, and you can find me in your local grocery store.  Caitlin found me at the Franz Bakery Outlet for dirt cheap!  Hot dog!!

Thank you for sharing your deliciousness with us.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Favorites

I have decided to start featuring some of my favorite things right now.  It probably won’t be every week, but it seems like it would be kind of fun to share with you some of my new finds, plus it will be interesting to look back on later.

This week, I want to tell you about a little card shop that I am REALLY into, called City Bird Designs.  It is on a website called Etsy, which hosts thousands of crafty, homemade objects.  Basically, anything you could want from Superman capes to quilts, you can find on Etsy!

City Bird Designs features tons of handmade cards, invitations, decorations, etc. that are SO adorable!  There is always free shipping, and if you choose one of her 3 card, 5 card, or 7 card specials, each card comes out to only $3.50 each!  This Halloween invitation makes me want to have a party, just so that I can use them!

il_430xN.37689553 il_430xN.37689586

And look at this pear card; couldn’t you just die?!


I am actually hesitant to show these to everyone, because I would prefer to buy them all and have you be surprised/impressed when I send them to you.  Sigh.  Alas, we cannot afford my card-loving habit, so I am trying to restrain myself! 

(I want it!!)il_430xN.36946622

Next time there is a birthday or special event coming up (December and March are heavy-hitters in my family, and October in my husband’s family…), you should check here first.  You don’t have to leave your house, you can get adorable UNIQUE cards wrapped up beautifully and in your mailbox within a couple of days (She ships FAST!), and it is cheaper than a lot of cards that I find at the mall or stores.

Anyway, thought I would share the love, and City Bird Designs- my favorite thing this Friday!!  Check her out here!


PS  I am not in any way affiliated with this card company, other than the fact that I would like to buy all of her cards, and I lurk on her site quite often looking for new arrivals.  And now I am blogging about it.  A little weird, perhaps?…

A Skeleton with a Doll

Here’s a pairing that you don’t see ever day!


IMG_6848 It is a boy doll, by the way.









(also notice the skeleton’s fluffy slippers… not a very tough skeleton, as it turns out.  Cute as heck, though!  I gave this skeleton a big hug this morning, aren’t I lucky?!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure 2

Believe it or not, it’s that time again!!  Today on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure…did everyone get my hint from last week? (rhymes with shmok shmoy?)  That’s right, it’s


For those of you who don’t know (and why would you?), Bok Choy is also known as “Snow Cabbage” and it’s closest family member is the turnip!  It is most commonly found in Asian dishes.

I will be preparing Bok Choy loosely based on the recipe “Bacon-y Bok Choy” found on allrecipe.com.  I am sure that there are many delicious ways to prepare it, but this is the recipe for which I had all of the items already on hand.

You will need 5 slices of bacon, an onion, red pepper flakes (unless you expect kids to eat it- red pepper flakes are HOT!), and rice.  Oh, and Bok Choy of course.

1) Cook the rice as usual   IMG_7244


2) Fry up the bacon in a skillet, then crumble into bits and set aside.  Drain the grease, reserving a little in the bottom of the pan. (I used Turkey Bacon.)

3) Dice up half of the onion and fry it up in the bacon grease, along with a few dashes of red pepper flakes.

4) Meanwhile, wash the Bok Choy and cut it in half, separating the white stem from the green leaves.




5) Add the Bok Choy stem to the onion and top with a tsp. or so of olive oil.  Stir ‘er up and cover your pan.  Let cook about 3-5 minutes.


6) Add the Bok Choy greens and the bacon bits.  Cover and cook about 2-3 more minutes.

7) Serve over hot rice.





Surprisingly Good!

Summary: We both thought that this was really yummy!  Although how can you go wrong with bacon and Walla Walla sweet onions?!  I will definitely be making this again.  Light, tasty, nutritious, different.  A little zip.  Yum!  

p.s. If you want to use Bok Choy in a stir-fry, separate the leaves from stem as shown, throw in the stem with carrots/zucchinis/stuff that can cook longer and save the greens for very last, like with the snow peas.

GRADE: B (it is still a vegetable…)


Hint for next week’s Adventure:  It is something that you never want a diaper to do…


A good laugh

I just found this picture of me with my favorite fall teapot last year.


Good for a laugh.  Man, I was HUGE!!!!!!!





It’s Thursday, and you know what that means!  Not

only do we have Thursday’s Culinary Adventure

tonight (I’m sure that you’re excited!!), but the

season premiere of THE OFFICE is tonight!! 

Huzzah!  It’s my favorite show and I can’t


Am I the Only One?!!

Two times now I have been at the park when I have noticed something.  MY BABY IS THE ONLY CHILD WEARING A HAT!!  Out of around 20-30 kids!!


It is always between 12-2pm (When, those of you skin-cancer-savvy people know, the sun is basically a UV death-ray!) and the hot, bright Idaho sun is beating down relentlessly.  Baking all of those poor little children.  Even bald and really blonde babies!!  Am I the only one who finds this appalling?  My poor little baby is always white with sunblock, and continually trying to pull off the wide-brimmed sun hat that I have tied in a double knot under his chin.  What am I going to do when he starts pointing out that “other kids don’t have to wear hats…,” or when he can undo a double knot?!

I comfort myself in knowing that

Joseph Now 



Joseph in 30 years



Other kid Now



Other kid in 30 years


(Author’s Note: No, I did not take a picture of a random boy at the park- I found it on the Internet, along with the old man.  Also, sadly, Brad Pitt was not at a Boise park in his tuxedo; I borrowed that image as well.  I am still hopeful, though, and you can bet that I will take a picture if he ever shows up!!)



Come on fellow Idahoans!  Jump on the skin cancer prevention train!  You are a little late (it has been running for quite some time now!), but better late than cancer!

P.S.  My baby is also the only baby with his own personal bottle of Purell, and his own plastic, germ-free bubble.  Odd…

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All in a morning’s work!

Joseph has been busy this morning!  Check out our destroyed playroom,


and all of the books that he threw off of the shelf:


Here’s the little stinker now!!IMG_7171  

Haha!  Who can resist that face?  Man, he is going to be trouble when he can walk!!  Here are some more shots from this morning for your viewing pleasure.  Have a great day!  (I will be cleaning up…)
















(Here he comes!!)