Monday, September 15, 2008

Time In = Time Out

Happy 10 month Birthday,



(This post includes pictures of my failed photo-session attempts. He just wouldn’t hold still!)

Your time outside in the world now equals the time you spent in my belly- although, let me tell you, it felt like you were in there YEARS longer!

It’s hard to believe that you are getting so old, sweet baby boy, and look at all that you have accomplished!IMG_6923

-You have nursed a minimum of 560 times (at least twice a day for 280 days- and you DEFINITELY nursed more than twice a day at first!)

- You have bit my you-know-whats approximately 7 million times (and just in the past two months- IMPRESSIVE!!) Which brings us to:

- You have grown two (sharp!) teeth.

- You have learned to hold your heavy head up, sit on your own, roll over, crawl like a champ, and pull yourself up.

- You are eating new and exciting big-kid foodIMG_6925

- You have grown into 18-24 month shirts, and 12-18 month pants (you have one heck of a torso, kid!)

- You have learned how to shake your head and throw things deliberately off of your high chair (after which they magically appear back on your tray…hmm…)

- You have learned to smile and laugh (my favorite part!)

- You have learned to fake laugh (I appreciate the effort)


- You have changed your sleep schedule a trillion times to keep Mommy guessing and in a semi-permanent state of exhaustion

- You have made me a Mother.IMG_6928

I love you very much, little guy, and so does your Daddy, wherever he is. (Haha, just kidding. He’s slaving away at work as I leisurely blog and eat peanut butter M&Ms!) I can’t wait to witness the many, many months ahead! What’s next?!!

IMG_6937 IMG_6941

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