Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo!


Last Thursday, along with my friend and her baby, I took Joseph on his first trip to the zoo! He had a bad night and a cruel 20 minute AM nap, so I was exhausted, but decided to go anyway. The zoo had to be better than hanging around the house with a grumpy baby! Surprisingly, he really, really liked it!First Zoo trip At one point, the macaw next to us was screeching at the same time that the monkeys were swinging around their cages. Joseph thought that it was those silly monkeys making that noise and he LAUGHED and LAUGHED at them!!

We also got to see a huge boa constrictor. I was nervous, as the handler said that he might bite, so I held on to Joseph’s hands when we got close. (Although why they would let a biting boa constrictor out of his cage is COMPLETELY beyond me!)


Then, the handler said, “I am losing control of the snake, I had better put him down!” Let’s break this down. First of all- he is losing control of the snake…? Isn’t his JOB to be in control of the snake? Secondly, if you are losing control of a huge creature of any kind, would you decide to PUT IT DOWN IN THE GRASS NEXT TO THE CHILDREN WHO ARE PLAYING?! That’s nuts! And so are any of the mothers who would let their child get within a mile of that mammoth predator slithering on the grass!! Well, okay, so I did set my helpless, bite-size baby down next to the potential creature of his doom, but only for a quick picture, I promise!! IMG_6730 Joseph and his friend loved touching the statue of the Komodo Dragon, since mean old Mommy wouldn’t let him play with the real one! He still thinks it is pretty cool that he can stand up on his own.First Zoo trip1

This is my favorite picture of the day:IMG_6759

Isn’t it funny that I assume that they are best friends, even though, really, the only reason why they hang out together is because of forced outings like this?!! Oh well, that is the way that it is going to be until he is old enough to choose his own friends. And, let’s face it, even then I will probably choose most of them for him- no hooligans for my sweet angel!

The boys started to get grumpy (see picture of whiny babies below),IMG_6763 so we wrapped it up and headed home to a glorious nap time for both of us. And okay, I lied,

This is my favorite

picture of the day…


Oh nap time, how I love thee.

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