Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Do


Things that I have to do today:

- Joseph flu shot 1pm

- Give Joseph his vitamins (little guy won’t drink formula, so we have to give him liquid iron/vitamin D to supplement breastfeeding)

- Prep/start chili in Crockpot.

- Look in black-hole-of-a-pantry for a cornbread mix, or try to find a recipe for some online.  What is in cornbread besides corn and bread? hmmm…

- Sweep and Mop (thank heaven that “mysterious object picked up off of the kitchen floor and put in mouth” turned out to just be a cube of zucchini!!!)

- Call Zoo about price increase coming in October to evaluate the use of a membership.

- Exercise?  Clearly, this is optional.

- Look for more Halloween decorations (HOORAY!)

- Get cash for hubby’s clandestine activities- AKA the carpool


I am lucky enough to spend my whole day with my little guy who wants to be with me, and really, nothing else matters!!!


…Besides the flu shot…and vitamins…

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