Saturday, October 17, 2015

We are doing fine! I am still alive!


I would say I don’t know what happened, and why I dropped off the face of the earth…but I do know what happened.  Summer happened.  Summer is my hardest season (I’m convinced I have reverse seasonal depression!) and this year with three busy, strong willed boys…welll, it was like being locked in a cage with three rhinos?  Or something?

So, thankfully, the blog just skipped over all of that, and now here we are!  In fall!  As if that summer never happened!

Here is a quick update on us:

Joseph:  Loving 2nd grade (He has a class pet that he is particuarly thrilled about, a guinea pig named Wemberly.  He gives me daily updates on all of her sounds and antics.  Which was adorable at first!) and he is still reading every chance he can get.  This 7-almost-8 years old is a bit bittersweet for me.  Its sweet because I can talk with him and share so many things and laughs together, but I’m also getting just short short glimpses of the next stage to come (pre tween), and I am constantly reminded how fleeting this childhood thing really is. 

(This is how he avoids the “no books at the dinner table” rule)


Isaac:  He is absolutely LOVING all day kindergarten this year (but not as much as I’m loving it, if you know what I’m saying!)  and bounds out of bed excited for each new school day.  Homeboy needed some more stimulation/structure/resources than I could give him!  He has the same teacher that Joseph had last year (she moved from first grade to kinder) and we are actually getting nothing but glowing reports! (Besides that one time he pretended to cut his ear off with scissors)

Just this month he lost both of his bottom teeth, and he is particularly thrilled that he is ahead of where his brother was on the tooth-losing curve.



The toothfairy is going broke around here!  And has forgotten 2/6 (or 1/3 total) times!  Eeesh.  Buuuut, it turned out that once we turned on the lights, there was the dollar!  It had just fallen under the bed real quick!  DSC_0042



Samuel:  Is three now!  Not three months, apparently, but three whole years old!  Other than about 2-3 bursts of temper a day (which he quickly repents of and apologizes for), he remains a very calm, mellow, quiet little guy.  He still loves Mommy more than air.  More than my air too (It’s a bit suffocating at times).  But, overall, I am loving having all this time one-on-one with him this year!



Brian:  Doing great!  Working hard!  And stopping to hear me complain/ask for hugs all day long!  (Patient, longsuffering man!)

and last but not least

Me:  I am busy, but good.  So so busy and so so good.  I’m trying to make the busy-ness more intentional this year.  Not just kid stuff and errands, but actually DOING SOMETHING with my time!   I’m helping with a local MOPS group, I’ve joined a moms-in-prayer group through our school, and spending lots of time with friends and family.  I even spoke at a ladies retreat recently!  It is challenging, and fulfilling and so wonderful. 

And I’m so glad its fall!


(Isaac set the table for dinner, complete with a flower he picked from the backyard)