Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feeling lucky



I sent my husband and Joseph off on a road trip tonight with a lump in my throat and a valentine stuck in J’s pillow to surprise him tonight.

We waved goodbye happily, and then Isaac and Samuel both ran inside crying.  Haha!  But the park and an ice cream run soon had all of us in high spirits and I just wanted to capture this warm lucky feeling I’m having tonight.


I love my husband!  He is truly my best friend, and my favorite person.  Also,  it still gives me a lump in my throat when I see him driving away from me.


Joseph might drive me crazy, but he told me he will try really hard to remember everything he gets from room service so that he can tell me and it will be like I’m there with him.  Also, he told me thank you a million times for his Valentine’s Day present (Wii related).  “That was really nice of you, Mama!”


Isaac might drive me crazy (craaaaazy), but he told me tonight that I’m prettier than the birds outside our window.  Also, he is saving two of his special Valentine’s chocolates to give his cousins even though he thinks they might be his new favorite chocolate.


Samuel might drive me crazy (yes, even him!), but when he got his Valentine’s Day present today (a doggy backpack) he gasped and said, “For ME??!!” in the most adorable way.  Also, he crammed all of his Valentine’s day chocolates in his mouth at once 2 seconds after I gave them to him.


I’ve got mac n cheese on the stove, the littles are cuddled up watching a movie, and I have my boyfriends Ben and Jerry waiting for me in the freezer for after bedtime if you know what I mean.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  May you have a lucky feeling day too.