Monday, February 28, 2011

A little video

To make you smile!
Please excuse the messy room- I was sorting out all of Isaac's old clothes and toys (hence the paper bag and boxes at the end) and the boys were UNsorting all of Isaac's old clothes and toys.

I have no excuse for Joseph's bed head and pantlessness.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Alternatively titled: Overuse of parenthesis.  Whatev.


(Curried Lentil Soup and homemade whole wheat bread.  Surprisingly good- however still not what I am hankerin’ for at 8pm)


About a month ago, I wrote myself a letter.

It went a little something like this:


Dear Caitlin,

If you want to lose weight, eat less.

Love, Caitlin


And so began my diet.


I have been doing a really good job!  No more cinnamon sugar toast at 9pm, portion control at meals, cutting back on my sugar intake and lots more fruits and vegetables!

Really, I have been a very, very good girl.

Until last Thursday.


The boys and I were taking a make-up music class that was in a town I have never been in before.

We were already running late (two words: blow out) and coupled with the quirky habit North New Jersey has of not labeling their streets at intersections …well…the stress-sweat was beading.


I finally found the general area of the music studio and, heavens rejoice!, a free parking space, only to find that we actually had to walk 6 blocks to get to class.


After a delightful music session (the boys both love it!) we started our trek through the ice and snow back to the van.


At that point, Joseph declared that he “Is a baby and can’t know how to walk anymore” and flung himself onto the ground.

(did I mention that I forgot my stroller at home?)

(Cue stress-sweat part deux)


It turns out that you can only drag your three year old across an icy sidewalk for so long before you start to get dirty looks. 

Or you hit a rock. 

You know how it goes.


After many whispered threats, Joseph allowed himself to be dragged (drug?) in a standing position the rest of the way, while I smiled brightly at passers-by and tried to make conversation with Joseph

(“what was your favorite part of music class, joseph?”

“Nothing. Zero.”

End of conversation.)


Upon arrival at our van, I noticed that we were parked right next to a grocery store, and decided (in a shockingly amateurish move) to take the (tired) (cranky) boys in to grab a few things that we needed.

The store itself is a blur- I seem to recall me careening down the aisles and my children crying constantly despite the bribe-food I was throwing at them (Pirates booty! Chips ahoy cookies! Crackers! Take it!!!! Take it ALLL!!!!!)


A million years later, on the way out to the car, Joseph smashed 14/18 eggs with his snow boots when he stood on the carton to reach his brother’s head for a game of “shakey-shakey.”

(note: isaac hates “shakey-shakey”)


Back at the van, the groceries loaded up, and me quivering from starvation I found myself karate chopping Isaac’s midsection (gently, lovingly) while he played “stiff-as-a-board” and refused to bend, and sit, and be strapped in.


I took a deep breath, tried to pull it together, and asked Joseph gently if he would please climb into his car seat.

He refused politely.

Well, actually he shouted “NO!  I’m never doing that!”



He complied immediately


I took several heaving breaths and decided Woooo doggies.  Mamasita needs some chocolate!


Let’s just say Chips Ahoy and I got re-acquainted on the way home. 

And he is an excellent kisser.


Since that incident, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes chocolate makes me a better mommy.

Fatter, yes.

But a better mommy too.


So, my new diet policy is: Everything in moderation

(Fun fact: this sounds like “schmmemyshming hin mosherashion” with your mouth full of m&ms.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smoothie Time!



What he thinks: 

This smoothie is so yummy!  I’m going to refuse to eat anything but smoothies and cereal for the rest of the day!!!”



(He drank 2 glasses with breakfast, but refused his french toast.)



What he missed:




Blueberries, bananas, tofu, yogurt, avocado, kale, strawberries, carrots, flaxseed meal and milk.

(And it really does taste good!)




What I think: 

“Drink up my pretty!  You can have nothing but smoothies and cereal for the rest of the day…”


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


You know it must be February 14th if your day starts out with these babies


(my Mama raised me right)

and with maybe one of these toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch


(Stay tuned for dinner- it’s going to be ALL red!!!  Brian is such a lucky man.)

Unfortunately, my lover boy is sick today, but he is determined to break the stereotype I mentioned last week and is being surprisingly non-whiny.  What a punishment for me, eh?

The boys each got a little present


(please don’t tell them that they are supposed to get candy!  We are keeping that a secret for a few years.)

and yesterday they spent about 42 seconds making Valentines.



I set up the hearts, the stickers, the doilies, the glue, the glitter, and ushered in my three menfolk.

They made 3 Valentines between them (Joseph 2, Brian 1), Isaac threw things, and they made their escape.

I yelled to Brian, “Hows about we have some girls next time?!” and started clean-up.


Also, I am 99.5% sure that Isaac swallowed one of those googly- eye stickers.  Which will make for a REAL interesting diaper tomorrow.

I will spare you a picture, but I DO think it would make for some interesting blog titles, “EYE smell poop”  “EYE found a surprise” etc.

But, I digress.


Here are a few pictures of my two little Valentines, slightly blurry because they were rocking and laughing so hard, which I really didn’t mind at all.










Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get off the computer and visit the rest of your blogs later.

I have decided that nothing screams “LOVE” and “ROMANCE” like a trip to Target with two children, oui?

Thursday, February 10, 2011






Isaac loves playing in the dishwasher.

The second I have that thing open, he is there; playing in any soap residue, grabbing out silverware, throwing dishes, and standing on the open lid to reach my coffee pot.

So, yesterday when I started unloading it, I was surprised that Isaac ignored me and kept playing in the living room.

Oh,” I thought “this is niiiice!  I can get all these dishes put away in about a minute without a baby messing with them!”

a millisecond later:

Oh…this is kind of sad! My baby is growing up!  Some day I will always be able to put away the dishes without a baby throwing them across the room and then the days of having him in my business won’t seem like a big deal at all.  WAAAH!  I miss him!  MY BABY!”

Then I turned around from the cupboard and saw him


and instantly thought “Oh, Isaac!  Get out of there! Can’t I even put away dishes without having kids messing with them?!”

Isn’t that motherhood for you?


Monday, February 7, 2011

Must Be a Monday PART TWO



I accidentally published my last post to my HUSBAND’s blog, and then I couldn’t log on to his Blogger account to delete it, and it went out in his Google Reader AND in the “Buzz” section of his Google account.

Basically, all of his friends get to read him (actually me) complain about men and how they are wimps when ill.


To all of his computer-minded contacts who have now found their way to my blog:


I apologize for the earlier confusion.

And since my posts never include tips for writing code in Java, witty binary jokes, or buzz from the upcoming Ipad launch, I understand if you never come back.

Sorry Brian!!!!!


Must Be a Monday

my blog 2 my blog1

my blog 4

Isaac has a cold for the first time since October (which means it is the first time that he can remember EVER) and he thinks that he might die.


It is pretty gnarly- especially because he is insisting on having his binky all day, which means that his drippy nose drips down into his binky, and then mingles with the drool, and makes one heck of a sludge that my tissues can’t keep up with but which doesn’t seem to deter him from sucking on it.


He has also decided that he must be with me at all times, and that he will only be happy with me murmuring soothing words and stroking his head while simultaneously juggling, making balloon animals and doing cartwheels. 

At least I think that must be what he wants, because I have yet to get it right this morning.


I have read 504 books so far--- and by that I mean I have read the same book 504 times. 

Let me tell you, after about 362, Baby’s Busy Day starts looking a lot less busy and more…well.. monotonous.


My house is a disaster, my morning cup of coffee has been heated up in the microwave 3 times (number four is in order) and I just found a wet smear of something green on my shoulder.


My morning’s soundtrack has been a shrill whining sound, punctuated with  Isaac’s hysterical sobs any time I do something mean like not let him  carry around a butcher knife or climb into the dryer.


Schnookums does have a 99.1 degree fever after all.


All this to say that Isaac DOES indeed have the y-chromosome, which therefore makes him unable to cope with any illness.

Also I have a dentist apointment.

How’s your Monday lookin’?


PS:  I’m sorry if I have offended any men by lumping you in with the standard stereotype that men are wimps when they are sick.  I am sure that some men handle their illnesses with nary a complaint or need, and to you men, I apologize.  Also, say hello to the unicorns for me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Apparently, It Gets Pretty Cold Here in the Winter



Isaac’s Par-tay!


It’s done!  My sweet baby is one!  (Haha. Rhyme!)

 IMG_7934 (Check out that goose-egg!  He fell and hit his head on the corner of the wall about 10 minutes before Brian got home!)

Joseph and  I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (why no Rainbow Chip, New Jersey?  WHY??!!)



and we spent the afternoon doing the usual things.





For dinner I served Turkey Noodle Soup, homemade rye bread, and saltine crackers- Isaac’s favorite dinner! (Just kidding.  I had turkey that I needed to use up!)




We gave him a walker wagon- and I could barely get a picture of him pushing it because he was racing around so fast squealing and laughing!!



When it got away from him, (ahem, Joseph took it!), he did what any man would do- he hiked up his pants and went after it!


Then it was hat time



and cake time!

IMG_7948 (One of my favorite pictures ever)


IMG_7952 IMG_7954 

When it comes to cake, homeboy doesn’t mess AROUND!







I love him so much.


PS: Waaaah!  I can’t believe he is one!  Where is my Baby?!

(Quick, someone remind me of the sleepless nights before I do something rash!)