Thursday, February 10, 2011



Isaac loves playing in the dishwasher.

The second I have that thing open, he is there; playing in any soap residue, grabbing out silverware, throwing dishes, and standing on the open lid to reach my coffee pot.

So, yesterday when I started unloading it, I was surprised that Isaac ignored me and kept playing in the living room.

Oh,” I thought “this is niiiice!  I can get all these dishes put away in about a minute without a baby messing with them!”

a millisecond later:

Oh…this is kind of sad! My baby is growing up!  Some day I will always be able to put away the dishes without a baby throwing them across the room and then the days of having him in my business won’t seem like a big deal at all.  WAAAH!  I miss him!  MY BABY!”

Then I turned around from the cupboard and saw him


and instantly thought “Oh, Isaac!  Get out of there! Can’t I even put away dishes without having kids messing with them?!”

Isn’t that motherhood for you?



Jen said...

You are right, this is such a confusing play on the heart strings.

Maureen said...

I completely understand what you're saying Caitlin, but I have to tell you that when I put the dishes away 20+ years after having my babies around...I still don't miss them being there in my way :)
So, don't you feel TOO guilty and just enjoy grabbing that adorable little body off of your dishwasher door before he breaks it!

T Rex Mom said...

I hear you - Bebe Sister is exactly the same way. She often has to stay in her high chair at much protesting because of this.

And today - she made so many messes while we were trying to get out of the house I had to put her in her crib to wait. I cannot have Cheerios strung throughout the house and diapers everywhere. "Beastess" as T Rex says.

Jenners said...

Yup. This post pretty much sums motherhood up in a nutshell. Emphasis on nut.

suzy said...

ha! i understand this completely!! eden is always up in my grill and i'm trying to push her aside, away from the knives! i love how he was playing with his tractor in the dishwasher, :)

blueviolet said...

Look at his big old diaper butt trying to get in there?

Enjoy it while you can...