Monday, February 7, 2011

Must Be a Monday PART TWO



I accidentally published my last post to my HUSBAND’s blog, and then I couldn’t log on to his Blogger account to delete it, and it went out in his Google Reader AND in the “Buzz” section of his Google account.

Basically, all of his friends get to read him (actually me) complain about men and how they are wimps when ill.


To all of his computer-minded contacts who have now found their way to my blog:


I apologize for the earlier confusion.

And since my posts never include tips for writing code in Java, witty binary jokes, or buzz from the upcoming Ipad launch, I understand if you never come back.

Sorry Brian!!!!!



Jenners said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Of all the posts to accidentally get published. I guess you have a case of the Mondays too.

T Rex Mom said...

Oh golly - and I cannot even help you with a cleaver Java joke.