Monday, August 26, 2013

Around Here Pt. 2/2



(“My headband helps my feber.”)  (actually probably the opposite is true?)


So, Isaac was standing on my giant exercise ball in our entry way, and he was all, “Look at me Mama!”

and I was all, “WOW!  Haha!  You could be in the CIRCUS!!!”

and then he fell and was crying and I thought…whoopsy?…should I have actually been stopping him?  Instead of the circus thing?

I’m winging it around here.


- Also please note in the above picture that our pole lamp is ZIP TIED to the wall.  We are down 2/3 pole lamps in our playroom, and things are getting a bit gloomy around here.  Will you be shocked if I tell you that my little fuzzy headed sweetheart is to blame?

DSC_0300  More on that subject later..


- The kids went outside to “check on the tomatoes” for the millionth time, and I was yelling, “Please shut the door so Samuel doesn’t go out!”




“You guuuuuys!! Shut the door!”


And then Samuel grabbed the door and started crawling out anyway, and Joseph was laughing and saying, “Oh Sammie!  You naughty baby!” and I couldn’t fight it any more.


These boys looooove their baby!





-Sprinklers are good for the fevers (or “febers”) we found.


I am hesitant to tell you this, lest you die from the adorableness, but YES, Samuel is CLAPPING at his big brother running through the sprinkler in this next picture!




I really need to make a .gif (one of those animation/video thingys) of Isaac running through this sucker- because he is extremely serious about this event!


Joseph, however needs .gif or video, because…well…this is all it is:


And also this:



Samuel finds his brothers endlessly entertaining!


(pssst!  I’m still sick!)


And I have still not caught up on laundry.  Especially after a particularly horrifying toilet-overflow incident today.



- My kitchen table on various days: 



It has been seeing a LOT of action during these stay at home days!



- Samuel is getting….worrisome-ly mischievous. 


Look at this adventuresome spirit!  Look at this total disregard for the fact that this is


a) the only plant I have in the whole house


b) one of…maybe 4?… things I say “no no” about




- These two!!  They are little round-eyed peas in a pod!




- So, I moved the plant up here on top of the book shelf,


to which Isaac said, “That looks bad.”

and Joseph said, “Take it down!  When it grows its going to lift our roof off of our house!!”


- Joseph has read 13 Magic Tree house books- a chapter book series for children.  He devours them as quickly as I buy them!  We have a reader folks!  I am THRILLED!!!!!



- Speaking of my oldest son


Could he just go to school already?  Or, maybe better yet, NOT?  But could we just do this thing ?  I tell you what, all of the preparing and talking and worrying and wondering… it is almost (ALMOST!!!) worse than waiting to go into labor!!  Gaaaah!! Lets get on with it!



-  I leave you with this series of photos of Samuel.  Because, as much as I bemoan naughtiness, I actually find it adorable in a baby.

DSC_0296 DSC_0297




Friday, August 23, 2013

Around here–pt. 1


This last week was…intense.

Good moments, bad moments, yelling moments, crying moments, and mostly just the kind of tiring, satisfying, creativity-sucking intensity that being in the house all day every day with 3 little boys can bring.

(see above mentioned creativity-sucking for why I haven’t been blogging more.)

(honestly, right now I am fighting off the desire to just veg out in front of River Monsters on Netflix)


NEWLY UPDATED!  I am breaking this into parts!  And will tackle another post later!  I’m popping popcorn!!


So, part one of things going on around here:



I made the boys do some extra chores on Monday so that they could earn a trip to Pump it Up- an inflatable jumpy place- on Tuesday. (shhh! I had free passes already!) 

You may notice that this chart was slapped together on the back of an art project page that they rejected doing for more than 30 seconds (mosaic of an apple? Hello!! FUN!)

You may also notice what Joseph wrote on the bottom as a reminder to us all:


it reads “New No Kicking”

after we reminded him that ninja-kicking his little brother was neither kind nor pleasant.

Please note that this is NOT a “new rule”




- After the kids were all pumped up about Pump it Up, this happened on Monday night:


101.5 degree fever.

(spoiler alert!: He still has a fever right this very minute!  And he is awake and coughing  in his bed!)


-This is how Isaac felt the next morning:




And, I felt this way too!  I had a FEVER!! WAAAAH!


I’m sorry for my poor babies, of course, but me being sick is the WORST EVER because I have to go about my daily business of kid wrangling/household running (for some reason they still get hungry??) except I have to do it SICK!



(thanks to brian for the 1 hr nap though.  It really saved my bacon!)


(That may be the first time I have ever typed up that figure of speech?  Oh well, I’m going with it- because POPCORN IS ALMOST READY!!  Wheeee!!!)



- Those pictures of Isaac with his ears all glowing reminds me of THESE pictures of Isaac with his ears all glowing.




Waaah! My baby is sooo old!!




-From here on out, just assume that in every other picture/day that I am talking about Isaac is sick, okay?  Because it is true.




-Fluffy baby hair is good for what ails you.



His smells like Johnson and Johnson’s Head to Toe baby wash. 

AKA: Heaven.




- Once I decide to hunker down and ride out a sickness, all rules are off.

I declared Tuesday to be a “watch as many movies as you want” day, which Joseph was THRILLED about!

I eventually went back on that and instituted a few “Brain breaks”

and it still reminded me why we limit tv around here.




- It also means very little clean up


My playroom still looks about like this, actually







- This is how Samuel feels when he sees his brothers in a mask



but they are always good about showing him, “It’s just meeee, Samuel!!  Your big broooother!”






-Whew.  I’m panting!  What is this forming of sentences??

Too. many. words. and thoughts. not. involving. Ninjas.  must. shut….down….

Friday, August 9, 2013

Let’s hear it for school supplies!!



Guess who got his school supplies this week?


Did anyone else LOVE getting school supplies??  The fresh pencils!  The blank spiral notebooks!  And maybe you can convince your Mom to let you choose a folder this year with a kitten on it?  A unicorn??  Some sort of kitten-unicorn-rainbow combo???!  It is GLORIOUS!!


(he gets confused between the “rock on” sign and the “I love you” one!)



Joseph, my little rule follower, did not try to convince me of anything.  In fact, I was trying to convince him to get a little something extra!


J: “Can I have this GIANT glue stick for EXTRA BIG craft projects?”

“SURE!  Throw it in!!!”

J: “But,the list only says to get 12 glue sticks!”

“It will be okay, buddy”

“But this will be 13!!”

“No one will care.”

“Can we take one out of the 12 pack??!”

Once I was able to drill home the concept that you can always bring MORE supplies then they tell you, just not LESS supplies, he happily convinced me to throw in a pencil pouch as well.





A few things that also did not go as planned:


- I went to take a picture of Joseph with his school supply list from our district (he had decorated it! I die from cuteness!), only to find that I had lost it.

No biggie, I’m sure Target will have another one in their “school lists” section.


- Target did not have one in their “school lists”section.


- Cue disappointed tears from Joseph.


- Track down a Target employee who, despite the fact that I HAD a list in my sweaty hands just the day before, told me that our district’s list was not out yet.


- Call Brian. (at work)


- Brian finds list online.


- Brian sends me a picture of said list.


- Call Brian again (at work)  wailing, “the picture is too small on my phone!!”


- Brian texts me each individual item on the list.


- A lady stops me in the school section and tells me that I “Need to put EVERYTHING back and go to Walmart, where everything is cheaper.”

I politely explain that we only need a few things, and we are here anyway, so I’m going to go with Target.

“But, those crayons over there??  They were only $0.67 at walmart!”

(They are $0.74 here.)

I politely decline again and start to walk away.

She calls out, “Okay!! But you are basically throwing away FIVE DOLLARS!”

At which time I handed her my writhing-with-boredom 3 year old, and my hungry-tearful-baby and told her that I would pay someone TEN dollars to not have to load up all three of these children and go to another store!!

Not really, I just walked away.

But yes really on the $10.





So, there you have it!! School supplies- hooray!!