Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Talking with Boys



On our recent family vacation, there came a time when Isaac and I found ourselves alone on the beach.

So, I took this opportunity to have a little heart to heart with my little middle child.



“Isaac?”, I said, “Do you know that Mama loves you so much?  And that you are my FAVORITE 3 year old?”


No response.


“And I love you and your brothers all the same?”


No response.


“Sometimes, I know that I hold Samuel a lot, or I am with Samuel a lot.  But that is just because he is a baby and he can’t walk so I have to carry him around.  And he needs me to rock him a lot in the chair because he still needs my milk, and he wont take a bottle.  So if you ever feel sad that-“




“Yes, Isaac?”


This rock right here looks just like a SPACESHIP!  You think it can fly like a space ship?”


He throws it.


And suggests that we head back to the beach house.



I guess he is doing just fine. 


Maureen said...

As much as I see Brian in Joseph...this conversation TOTALLY reminds me of Brian as a little boy...the LAST thing he would want to do is have a "deep" discussion. And that last picture of Isaac running so carefree through the water is one of my favorites...just captures that little boy on the go!!!

suzy said...

hahaha! :)

grandma said...

Sensitive of you to at least TRY! :)