Friday, August 2, 2013

It’s worth it.



I was nursing Samuel before his afternoon nap, closing my eyes and trying not to fall asleep/praying for patience for the rest of the day.


I heard Joseph sneaking up to me on his not-so-sneaky feet, and opened my eyes to look at him.

He said, “No!  Close them again!  I made a surprise to give you!”

I gladly complied.


I felt a light touch on my arm, and then his not-so-sneaky feet thundering back to the kitchen.

I opened my eyes again to find this stuck to me:


And my heart melted and broke and swelled up simultaneously.


This motherhood thing, you guys-


It’s worth it.











A little bit later, he gave me two other notes that said this…


Yes, that says “Babbab” and “You’re Baba”

which is also…nice??…I suppose??

But perhaps not so “main post” worthy, if you know what I mean.

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