Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Morning Walk Take 2


(Well, take 3 technically.  Because I have THREE kids! Get it? I was afraid you wouldn’t!  Which is why I went with Take 2)


Morning walks have always been one of my favorite things to do with my children.

The cool morning air, the lack of traffic, the unhurried pace.

I originally blogged about my morning walks with Joseph (almost FIVE years ago!) here.

It’s a bit funny to me that I complained about Joseph needing to touch everything,

since my walks NOW include my THIRD boy needing to touch everything along with:



- Isaac yelling, “STOP!  Samuel wants to touch that!  WAIT!  He’s touching it too rough!  SAMUEL!!  Noooo!  Be EASY!  Mama!!  He’s not done touching it!  WAAAAAAITTTT! He’s not DOOOONE….”

image (6)


While Joseph simultaneously talks to me about a planet waaaaay out on the edge of the galaxy that scientists are “guessing” has similar weather and might have life on it.

(I’m not joking.  Get ready public Kindergarten- here comes JOSEPH!)





- Joseph asking me how to spell “birdbath” so he can write it down as one of the things he saw in his “field journal” that he brought along for that purpose.

While Isaac simultaneously tries to argue with me on what the appropriate “booty scratching in public” protocol should be.

(Outside the pants. ONLY outside the pants)

image (5)



- Isaac literally pretending to SWIM in a pile of gravel in somebody’s driveway

image (7)

While Samuel simultaneously consumes some dandelions that he has acquired.  (they are edible right?  whatever, I took most of them away)

While Joseph asks how to spell “interesting plant.”



And yet,  I still enjoy it!  It was…I’m thinking about it… yep!  My favorite part of the day.

image (4)



Also, in case you are wondering, here are Joseph’s field journal entries:

(ignore other scribbles and letters, this “field journal” has also been his “grocery list” and “school book” previously)


“Saw poop”  “Saw seeds”




“Saw tall tree”





“Saw cat”





“Saw birdbath”  “Saw pretty flowers”





“Beware of Dog”


Carrie said...

Come take a walk with me in Quincy! We will start out slow, not touch anything, and end up at the ice cream shop. It's a WIN!

grandma said...

and that's one of the best ice cream stores in the Pacific Northwest, I attest...

Maureen said...

That is some AWESOME writing, Joseph! He was writing things on my grocery list yesterday, too...things we got that I hadn't written down on my list, like RICE KRISPIE TREATS!!! :)
I'm glad you still love your morning walks - they are priceless and you will miss the boys while appreciating the peace in the future. SUCH a paradox!

suzy said...

wow, that is incredible!!!