Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slice of Heaven (and, surprisingly, not pie!!)

I am not a morning person.  I love to sleep, and being wrenched from my warm, heavenly bed at the crack of dawn (or before!) to face a crying, hungry, poopy baby has been the hardest part of motherhood for me. 

So, it surprises me that now my favorite part of the day takes place in the morning.  Early morning, just after breakfast, and as soon as it gets light.  Our morning walk.  I love it!

I get to breathe in the cool morning air, listen to the birds as they are just waking up, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a neighborhood either asleep or at work.  Plus, to be honest, it is nice to have Joseph secured with a seat belt, quiet, safe, and happy!

I documented a typical morning walk for us.

Joseph gets bundled up and ready to go.IMG_7119

Some puffs and a binky are always close at hand to keep him happy (and quiet…) IMG_7116

If I get really lucky (sarcasm), Joseph wakes up early enough that I can see the sunrise.


As we walk, I have to be careful, because Joseph will suddenly stick out his little handIMG_7126

to touch things as we pass.  If you don’t notice and keep walking, not only does he get mad, but you risk wrenching his arm!!  He loves touching Mailboxes,

Fire HydrantsIMG_7139



I used to let him touch this plant  IMG_7142   until Brian pointed out that it had horrible pokey thorns.  No wonder he always used to cry afterwards!! (Just kidding…)

But, his favorite thing to touch are these


that mark the entrances and exits to various paths and parks in our neighborhood.  He wants to touch every single one we come to, which is why this section of the neighborhood


Is incredibly daunting, and my least favorite part of the walk!!

I always end up letting him touch the first 5 million, and then walking really fast past the rest as he cries and flings himself around. (Again, see why I am glad that he is strapped in?)

Well, that pretty much sums it up – water my flowers, circle the neighborhood while letting Joseph touch 4 plants, 20 mailboxes, 5 fire hydrants, and 6 trillion polls, and it is the highlight of my day!  Because, you see, during 99% of that walk, I have the peaceful stillness of morning, all to myself!

And look at that sunrise!


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Maureen said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG! And I can't wait to take that little boy on a walk next time I come and watch his darling little hand reach out to touch everything he can! Great pictures to accompany your creative writing, Caitydid :)