Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Snack of Champions (Baby Champions)

Here is the fourth member of our family:


Besides binkie and blankie, they are the one thing that I never go anywhere without.  Well, I have, but with dire consequences!  These little puffs may look small and unimpressive,

IMG_6876but for some reason, Joseph (and his baby friends) cannot get enough of them!!  They come in many flavors and melt quickly in their mouths (Joseph’s first love was sweet potato, however he enjoys a good peach or apple cinnamon now and again).  They are also a little sticky, which means that they stay in a baby’s sweaty little palm, often for hours at a time.  Yummy!  A soggy snack for later! 

I see these puffs around my house all of the time, and have decided to create a photo montage, of sorts, honoring this great snack.  All of these pictures were taken within a 24 hour period, and none of them were staged.







 And, Lastly


So, does this prove that puffs are all around me, all day long, or that I am a bad housekeeper?  Hard to say, but either way, it is probably true.

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