Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today’s To Do List Review

Well, it’s almost 9pm, my husband cannot be awakened from his nap (sigh), and the oprah rerun from earlier today is coming on, so you know what that means!  It’s the end of my day. 

I thought I would review and see how I did on my list of to-do items

- Joseph flu shot 1pm

Check.  Didn’t even really cry. (stud)

- Joseph vitamins

Check.  He gagged them down nicely

- prep/start chili

Yep.  Delicious!  I made it vegetarian from a magazine, the secret ingredient was baker’s chocolate, and you top the chili with corn chips and cheese…yum! 

- Look for cornbread mix/recipe

Not so much.  But, really, who needs more carbs? (I actually just forgot until it was too late.)

- sweep and mop

Again, negative.  But, I just went to check, and the only crumbs on the floor are from my CROCK POT CHOCOLATE CAKE that I made yesterday (more on that later), so I’m okay if he eats it.

- call zoo

I am going to take Joseph there tomorrow and corner someone.

- exercise

Check.  Although, it was pretty half-hearted.  So maybe I will say che

- halloween decorations

OH YEAH BABY!  I’m sure I will post pictures at some point.

- cash for hubby

Check.  An added bonus = I had to get something at the store in order to get cash back.  Twizzlers were on sale.

- enjoy every minute of it

You betcha!  That’s why not much else got done, as it is often a choice. 

Well, I guess I didn’t actually enjoy the last forty-five minutes before he fell asleep.  He screamed himself into a frenzy that, despite letting him chew on my you-know-whats to his heart content, frantic back rubbing and “shush”ing,  did not end until he cried himself out.  Poor little fella.  Left me a sweaty mess too.  Thank goodness for those Twizzlers.

tomorrow is a new day.



mommy molden said...

I had to call Alex in to read your to do list update- perhaps you have a future as a professional future blogger, we were dying laughing, especially about the "che". I will look forward to checking your blog later....... love ya!

Daniel said...

I hate your blog... no wait, I mean I love it! I can't view the pictures or videos at work for some reason though. Stupid firewall! I will check it out at home. Don't be embarrassed about blogging. If nobody blogged, what would we read at work?