Friday, September 19, 2008

I Believe I Can Fly

Joseph thinks that Daddy is so much fun!  No wonder he gets so bored with me, I could never do this…


Doesn’t it just strike terror in your heart?  Joseph loves it!


 IMG_7063-3 Where’s Daddy????????!!!!!!!

And yes, his shirt does say “Speedy!"


Momma said...

You know what? It would be fun to let Joseph try out one of those Twizzlers. I gave a black one to Brenna when she was just his age and to this day she LOVES black licorice! Is that something I should try to hide or to be proud of?! Hummm
Still, it would be cute to see him with red candy all over his little face. Just THINK about it, OK?

mommymolden said...

I do not see any evidence of "love" on his face here- perhaps you could show us a "just caught" picture to prove that there is no child abuse happening here~! HAHA