Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twizzlers, Twizzlers, A sweeter name I’ve never heard…

(This one’s for Julie)


I love Twizzlers (of the strawberry variety.)  They have an excellent firm, yet supple texture, and just a hint of strawberry sweetness.  I could probably eat a 1 lb package every day for the rest of my life.  But that would be gluttonous.  I will restrain myself to one package every WEEK for the rest of my life.  Much more obtainable as a goal.

As a current love of mine, you know what I must do for my packet of Twizzlers.  That’s right.  Write a haiku. (you are catching on to this blog thing!!)

Red ropes of heaven

I could eat you every day

And lately, I do.

If you feel like a candy that you love is being left out of my blog-love-fest, feel free to send me some.  I will eat it and, let’s face it, almost definitely love it.  Haikus will abound.



(ps. Geesh, Caitlin, blog about food much??!!)

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