Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 years ago today



He asked me to marry him.


I was so surprised and SO happy.

caitlin 006

(and SO looking like a 12 year old…)

caitlin 011


Now I’m celebrating going to the bathroom with no kids.  Look how far we’ve come! (I’m still SO happy, though.)

Happy (kind of) anniversary, honey!  Waffles for dinner tonight!  Woohoo!

A milestone


See?  I’m back again already.  Amazing how great I feel when Joseph sleeps until 7:00…


I had to share with you all an amazing milestone that occured today.

No, it is not that Isaac laughed for the first time at me, or that Joseph decided to go pee on the potty before bath (although both those things happened last night and were very exciting…)

This thing has been a lot longer time coming.

Today…are you ready for it?…I was able to go to the bathroom by myself.  With the door closed.  While Joseph was AWAKE!  For the first time in two years!!! Huzzah!

And the best part?  He didn’t scream or cry or throw himself at the door… I just calmly told him that mommy needed some privacy, and shut (and locked) the door!


I didn’t remember how peaceful a bathroom could be!!  And it was worth any of the consequences from leaving a toddler unsupervised for 2 minutes.



PS How do you get (nonwashable) crayon off of a tv screen? 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I’m still here




(love how Joseph’s face is saying “Get out of here, Mom, I’m trying to watch a movie…”)



Don’t worry loyal readers, I am still alive.

The children are tag teaming me (one’s up late, the other’s up early.  Ditto for nap time) so I am getting little sleep, and even less free time.

Basically just enough time for me to switch the laundry, and then quickly shove my face full of whatever sweet-tasting thing I can find in the house (“You made it, Caitlin!  You survived! Reward, reward, reward!”…cue frantic chewing noises…).

I’ve got a lot to tell you all and..well..there’s Joseph crying for me on the monitor.  And it sounds like Isaac is stirring too.  Good thing I ate a bowl of sugar smacks while typing this, because it sounds like Mama’s back on duty.

Thanks for hanging in there- I’ll do what I can!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At least it wasn’t a puppy.



Last night, Brian and Joseph went on a little father-son outing to our local garden supply store to pick up some lawn fertilizer.

When they arrived home, Joseph came bursting in the door with a huge smile, carrying this



Yes, it’s a fish.  Brian let him pick out his own little pet fish to bring home.



“Oh wow!” I said, “Ummm…We’re doing fish now?  You got him a fish…?  Where’s his bowl?”


Well, as it turns out, Brian didn’t actually buy him a bowl.

Or any food.

Just a fish.

In an effort to protect Brian’s privacy (he is the man of the house after all), I will skip over what came next, but it may or may not have included explanations such as “he can take a bath with Joseph” or “he can swim around in a cup”. 

And it ended in me taking an impromptu late night trip to Petsmart.


I kept my cool exceptionally well, I think (patting self on back), mostly because Joseph was SO thrilled with the whole situation.


And also because Brian has promised to do all of the tank-cleaning.

This poor little fish isn’t going to last a week.



PS  Did I mention that I hate fish?

PPS  His name is “Fire.”

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Lost,



Dear Lost,

Please don’t leave me.

Don’t let this be your last season!

I look forward to Tuesdays (8pm, specifically) all week!  What will I do without you?  Laundry?  Spend time with my children?  Blech!

Also, the fact that you are wrapping up has made you…well…rather dull.

You are all about facts and surprises and building up a climax-

Where is the tension-filled love triangle?  The late night tent visits?  Why, oh why, is Sawyer suddenly wearing his shirt full time…and buttoned!!


You have been extremely disappointing.

And then you will be gone.


Longing for the old days,






There was a time when, if you saw my shirt looking like this,


it was for a completely different reason.

Now my jugs are only of the milk variety, and I get tired of snapping after each feeding.

(and yes, that is spit-up splattered on my shirt.  Whatev.)


The song “Miss Independence” by Kelly Clarkson takes on a whole new meaning when you hear it while driving down the highway in your minivan with two screaming kids in the back…


Thursday, April 8, 2010

It will still be there when I wake up


Today I am forsaking my After-Fred-Meyer-Lunch-with-Joseph-and-Noodle-Making mess


To take a nap snuggled up with my baby.

Because, in 5 years, I won’t regret not cleaning up the mess.

(And yes, I did say “noodle-making.”  As in I am making my own homemade noodles for my own homemade chicken noodle soup.  It’s my first time, so we’ll see.  In the meantime I feel extremely homemaker-ish!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Isaac is 2 months (and 1 week. He IS a second child after all…)



Dear Isaac,


You are just about the sweetest baby in the whole wide world.

And also maybe the fattest. 

Last week you were 15 pounds- which is off the charts for your age, and a half pound bigger than Joseph was at this age.

Nicely done, son.


You sleep longer than your brother does at night, and you smile all day long.

In the evening, you are still a teensy bit fussy, but mostly only because you want your Mama to hold you, and who can fault you for that?

Keep up the good work, champ! 

love, Mama 


Easter This Year



We hunted eggs

IMG_1669 (Note to Easter bunny: hide harder next year.  When candy is involved, Joseph is extremely motivated.)IMG_1671

Joseph got his first Viewfinder (remember these?!  SA-WEET!)



Isaac got a toy and some binkies (and some jelly beans in his milk…)IMG_1700

I made a ham/roll/potato/corn/deviled egg Easter dinner, while Isaac and Brian enjoyed a nice chat



Joseph ate himself into a chocolate-induced coma and whined the rest of…well…still whining, today actually.


(I cut him off when I saw this)


and I took some pictures of my little bunny on his first Easter wearing a (rather girly) bunny hat.



Just like I did with his Big Brother Joseph, two years ago.

joe20080323 018

joe20080323 032

That about covers it!