Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I’m still here




(love how Joseph’s face is saying “Get out of here, Mom, I’m trying to watch a movie…”)



Don’t worry loyal readers, I am still alive.

The children are tag teaming me (one’s up late, the other’s up early.  Ditto for nap time) so I am getting little sleep, and even less free time.

Basically just enough time for me to switch the laundry, and then quickly shove my face full of whatever sweet-tasting thing I can find in the house (“You made it, Caitlin!  You survived! Reward, reward, reward!”…cue frantic chewing noises…).

I’ve got a lot to tell you all and..well..there’s Joseph crying for me on the monitor.  And it sounds like Isaac is stirring too.  Good thing I ate a bowl of sugar smacks while typing this, because it sounds like Mama’s back on duty.

Thanks for hanging in there- I’ll do what I can!



Caitlin said...

poor caitlin!!!!!

Maureen said...

I would say "poor Caitlin", but I look at that big beautiful smile on your face (even with Joseph being less than enthused), and I see a happy, fulfilled Momma that is doing the toughest job in the world incredibly well!!! Have an ice cream cone on me :)

Nina said...

Just remember this lack of sleep is just a little snip of your life and it will be past you before you know it. Rest when you can and don't worry about us. We aren't going anywhere.

septembermom said...

Sleep is such a luxury for moms! You look great still :)

Momma said...

Is the fish still alive??

Jenners said...

Glad to hear you're still alive ... I figured it would be like this once the second came along though!