Thursday, April 29, 2010

A milestone


See?  I’m back again already.  Amazing how great I feel when Joseph sleeps until 7:00…


I had to share with you all an amazing milestone that occured today.

No, it is not that Isaac laughed for the first time at me, or that Joseph decided to go pee on the potty before bath (although both those things happened last night and were very exciting…)

This thing has been a lot longer time coming.

Today…are you ready for it?…I was able to go to the bathroom by myself.  With the door closed.  While Joseph was AWAKE!  For the first time in two years!!! Huzzah!

And the best part?  He didn’t scream or cry or throw himself at the door… I just calmly told him that mommy needed some privacy, and shut (and locked) the door!


I didn’t remember how peaceful a bathroom could be!!  And it was worth any of the consequences from leaving a toddler unsupervised for 2 minutes.



PS How do you get (nonwashable) crayon off of a tv screen? 


T Rex Mom said...

YEAH!! That is definitely a milestone! We're learning the meaning of "privacy" around here too. Very abstract concept for a toddler but it's starting to sink in - I think/hope.

Try "Goof Off" on that crayon. I have some you can borrow or it's purchasable at Home Depot - it gets the crayon off my walls and cabinets. More details if you're interested.

septembermom said...

Privacy is something I treasure at times too. Let me know if you find out about how to get rid of that crayon mark.

Jenners said...

Time alone in the bathroom is a big one!!! That is where I hide out now that I don't have to worry about my Little One destroying the house when I'm not watching him.

Nina said...

I feel for you.... we have no lock on the bathroom door and my 7 year old will still come barging in. Trust me it doesn't really get any better when they get bigger. LOL....