Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Lost,



Dear Lost,

Please don’t leave me.

Don’t let this be your last season!

I look forward to Tuesdays (8pm, specifically) all week!  What will I do without you?  Laundry?  Spend time with my children?  Blech!

Also, the fact that you are wrapping up has made you…well…rather dull.

You are all about facts and surprises and building up a climax-

Where is the tension-filled love triangle?  The late night tent visits?  Why, oh why, is Sawyer suddenly wearing his shirt full time…and buttoned!!


You have been extremely disappointing.

And then you will be gone.


Longing for the old days,




T Rex Mom said...

Did you see Juggling Mama's post today - she's a big fan of Lost too - maybe when it's all out I'll start watching it. It just moved too slow for me.

Nina said...

Girl you crack me up! Love the Sawyer shirt part. LOL....

Last night was good and a little on the shocking side. I love learning some of the unknowns but it is also sad to know that I am learning these things because we are coming to an end.

britney said...


septembermom said...

I have to get caught up in Lost. Everyone really loves it apparently.

ter@waaoms said...

I think I figured it out. :)