Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Plans



Guess what Brian is building for me this weekend!!


37-448      2414675811_14d333c448

That’s right, folks, my very own Box Garden!!!

Less weeding, less tilling, less work (for me.)

We are plopping it in the back corner of our yard on top of the existing barkdust.

Hopefully, I can then decorate it with adorable vegetable garden stakes.  Know of any?

I then I will be getting Joseph his own watering can so that he can “help” this summer.  Really, what could be better?

I’ll show you what it looks like on Monday.

The pressure is on now Brian!


Friday’s Favorites and Not So Favorites



I am going to give this a try. 

I dabbled in starting a Friday Favorites feature quite a while ago and then I “forgot about it.” 

And by that I mean that I got sick of it and quit.

This time, I am going to list a Favorite item of the week, and a Not So Favorite item of the week.

They can be my favorites, Joseph’s favorites, Brian’s favorites.. the world is my oyster.

This week, Joseph’s Friday’s Favorite is:

2-26-09 042

Yogurt Covered Raisins  aka “Treats”  (or “Teets” as Joseph calls them. Ha!)

We discovered these babies at Winco last week, and Joseph has been plowing through them at an alarming rate.  In fact, we had to go to Fred Meyer yesterday to get more!

This morning, Joseph ate “treats” until he puked

For reals. 

In retrospect, perhaps I should have stopped him sooner…

But, I did get vomit in my hair, so I think it’s even.

You win some, you lose some.



Our entire family’s  Friday’s Not So Favorite

2-26-09 046

Childproof Cabinet Locks

These things are just about the most annoying thing to happen to my kitchen since the ants invaded last summer.

I like that they keep Joseph out of the trash now (precisely why Joseph hates it), but man these puppies SUCK to open!

Picture this, if you will.

You are holding a child on your hip (most likely whining), and a dirty coffee filter in the other hand while you are trying to keep your eyes open long enough to make your morning pot of coffee. 

Now, open the cupboard to get to the trash.


I have taken to just dumping the filter on the counter and dealing with it later.

The good news is that it has made me recycle a lot more.  It is soo much easier to just dump stuff in the recycling bin.

That’s right, I save the Earth only out of laziness.

So, what are your favorites and not so favorites today? 

(And you can’t just say that my blog is your favorite- you suck ups!! ) 

(Okay, you can.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday’s Disappointment



Dear “The Office,”

Why, oh why, have you had reruns on the past TWO WEEKS??!! 

Hello!  It’s mid-season!  What’s going on?

Don’t you know that some of us neglect our children are very productive all day on Thursday, just so that we can sit down and enjoy your show come 8:00?

Do you KNOW how much poop I have come into contact with today??

Can’t a girl get a little funny time on Thursday night?

So, I’m willing to solve whatever this problem is.

Is it a pay dispute? 

I will PAY YOU to make a new episode next week.

A million trillion dollars?  Done. 

Just come back and entertain me.  Please.

Now I have to go fold some laundry while staring at a blank screen.



Disgruntled Fan.

Out with the old…



As of today, February 27th, Joseph has officially outgrown my favorite pair of shoes that he owns.

His sweet little owl boots.

2-26-09 034 (By Livie and Luca)

He was standing next to me, I reached over to feel where his toes hit, and they were jammed against the end.

(PS  Dear Joseph, I am sorry that I made you run around in too-small shoes at the mall and park yesterday.  That must have hurt.  Learn to talk, already and you can tell me next time!)

I know that you, my readers, could probably BARELY care less, but I am feeling a little nostalgic, and wanted to say farewell to a pair of shoes my baby will never wear again.

2-26-09 037

So, Goodbye, cute owls.      2-26-09 035

You’ve served us well.

Well, HEEELLLLOOOO!! funky gold-striped shoes!

2-26-09 039

Aren’t you pretty? 

(oops!  I mean HANDSOME!!  The shoes are for Joseph, the shoes are for Joseph…)


Thursday’s Culinary Adventure



Tonight, on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure

2-21-09 021

What?  You say.  Why would you make Alfredo sauce when you could just buy it in a store? 

Because I can, dear reader, because I can. 

Also, hopefully it will taste better!

I got this recipe off of Rachel’s blog- my friend from high school.  Thanks, Rachel!

On to our adventure!

You will need:


  • 3 Garlic Cloves chopped
  • 2 tbsp Butter
  • 1 tbsp chopped Sun-Dried Tomato
  • 1 1/2 cup Heavy or Regular Cream
  • 3/4 cup grated Smoked Gouda Cheese
  • 3 tbsp Powdered Parmesan Cheese
  • Salt to taste

In a medium saucepan, melt the butter, then saute the garlic cloves and sun-dried tomatoes.

2-21-09 019  Saute for only about 30 seconds!

By the way, I use dried garlic for all of my garlic recipes. 2-21-09 018 It rehydrates in liquid and tastes the same as fresh.  Well, similar enough for me!

Pour in your cream and a little dash of salt.  Not too much, because the cheese is already pretty salty.

Bring this to a boil, and use the time to grate up your Gouda.

2-21-09 015

Add the cheeses and stir, stir, stir until it is all melted together and creamy…2-21-09 020

Looks and smells delicious!

I have never used smoked Gouda before, but it is really good!  I used some on my sandwich today and YUMMMM!

I grated up some extra and froze it in 3/4 cup portions for future use.  But, I tend to be cool like that.

Dump your fettuccine noodles on a plate, and pour the sauce on top!

We served ours with some homemade bruschetta,

2-21-09 023 Green salad, and

our favorite dressing for an Italian Meal-

2-21-09 036

Oh, yeah, baby!

Taste Testers Say:


“If I could describe this meal in one word, it would be RIDICULOUS!  As in ridiculously AWESOME!!”  (He really said that.)

2-21-09 032

 2-21-09 030

 (He was ashamed of the “RIDICULOUS” faces he was making.  As he should be.)



2-21-09 028

(I am not ashamed…or I have no shame…or I love carbs.)

Summary:  It is delicious!  So creamy, rich, smoky, fresh, yummmmmm!  I can’t say enough about how good it is.  I am making my own sauce from now on!


A ++

Sweet Dreams

2-25-09 003

How soft and fresh he breathes!


He is dreaming!

Visions of sure joy

Are gladdening his rest;

And ah! who knows

But waiting angels do converse in sleep

With babes like this!"

-Bishop Coxe (1818-1896)

Award Numero Dos


Guess What?  Well, if you speak Spanish, you already know from my title, but

I won another award!

The Honest Scrap Award!


Hot Diggity Dog!

Thanks Mommy of Ms!

(And yes, she gave me my first award too.  So?  She likes me, what can I say?)

With this award comes some rules- list 10 “honest scraps” about yourself, and then pass it on!  

Once I complete these rules, I get to paste my little award in my sidebar and stare at it all day-feeling great about myself.

So, here we go- 10 facts about me:

1) I like raisins, Raisin Bran, and raisins in my granola.  I do NOT, however, like raisins in my cookies, rice pudding, or muffins.  I am a mystery, even to myself.



2)  I looooove watermelon!  I can eat an obscene amount of it- more than anyone I know or have ever seen.

It’s pretty awesome to behold. 

I used to dread going to potlucks where watermelon was served, because it was physically painful to only take one or two slices.  Luckily, my friend Suzy used to score a few to give to me later. (Thanks, Suz!)


I will now attempt to get off of the topic of food (can you tell that I am hungry?)



3) I dropped out of college.  Yep, just quit.  I hope to go back some day, but it is not something I regret, because it enabled me to start working and get married sooner. (I wouldn’t trade those years of marriage for a degree!)

So, believe it or not, these mad writing skills are only HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL, baby!  Impressed?



4)  I moved to Seattle to be next to Brian (at UW) without having a plan, a job, or any friends there. 

We decided that we couldn’t do long distance any longer (he broke up with me for the summer, but that is ANOTHER STORY!…) and we should take the next step. 

I rented one bedroom out of a three bedroom apartment in the same building as Brian, and moved up there within the month.

I only had enough money for a couple month’s rent.  And remember, no college degree. 

What was I thinking?!  What must my parents have been thinking about my IQ level? 

It all sounded terribly romantic to me.



5) I was in band, jazz band, marching band.  Total band nerd. 

I was even the drum major of the marching band- you know, those people that stand up on a podium and wave their arms to direct the band?  You’re looking at her. 

The good news is, that being on that podium gave 16 year old Brian, who was in the crowd at football games, a chance to check out my butt!  That’s right, he really and truly did.



6)  Often, I find playtime with Joseph boring.  Does anyone feel me?  I love him, but after hours of stacking block towers and watching him knock them over, I could gouge out my eyes.



7) I am allergic to the cold.  It is called “cold urticaria” and, basically, it means that when I get cold I break out in hives.  It hardly ever happens now, but when I was younger, even if I held a bowl of ice cream I would get hives on my hands. 

My mom used to hold an ice cube on my arm, and watch a hive develop in the exact shape of it.

Then she would show her friends.

Nice, Mom, nice.



8) Despite all of the research, I am still nervous about immunizations. Every time Joseph gets a shot, I think, “Please let him be okay, Please let him be okay…”

We have postponed shots one rotation.  For example, he got his 12 month shots at 15 months, and he will get his 15 month shots (including MMR-AHHH!) at 2.

I know what the medical facts say.  Maybe I am just a wimp.



9) I drank a cup of coffee every day for my entire pregnancy.  Sometimes (rarely) two. 

Joseph was born at 39 weeks at 8 lbs. 11 oz.

So there.



10)  During my pregnancy, we thought for a few weeks that something might be wrong with Joseph’s brain.  His brain valve was measuring a bit big, and they were concerned about hydrocephalus.

He is fine and has a smaller-than-his-body-size head.

(Maybe this fact should have come before raisins and watermelon?…)

Thanks again, Mommy of Ms!!

I pass this award on to my friend at,  T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

It is written by my real life (as opposed to”bloggy”) friend, her little boy is CHARMING, and Joseph is featured on it quite often.  What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cats Are Funny

Every time I am on my computer (not that I am EVER on it when Joseph is awake...hehe...), Joseph comes in and wants to watch this video of a cat meowing.
Here is the link if anyone wants to watch it- mildly amusing to me- endlessly entertaining to Joseph:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordful Wednesday- Crocs and Socks


Wordful Wednesday is an event hosted by   image .  Basically, you post a picture and talk about it, then put your blog’s link on her website.  I’m in!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 

I   Love   Crocs.

I know that they are ugly.

Yes, really, REALLY ugly…but I don’t care.

They are like heaven on my feet. 

Or perhaps supportive, yet miraculously weightless clouds.

Also, they are machine washable and dishwasher safe – important features when your shoes constantly have the potential to be vomited on

Now, normally I put them on automatically as I rush out the door with Joseph in my arms (or rather Joseph half-way down my body trying to escape!) and I don’t think another thing about them.

But, on this particular park day, I noticed these little numbers that a mom next to me was wearing.


Wowza, right?! 

Not the best picture, but I was trying to take it really quick without her noticing. 

Taking pictures of strangers at the park tends to be frowned upon around here.


Anywhoo, this Mom had it all together- clean, cut, and colored hair, flattering, but subtle make-up, cute jeans and jacket, and then pretty much the cutest shoes ever. 


Now I was left looking schlumpy again.

Will there come a day when I can pull it together like she did?

When I don’t choose my shoes based on whether or not they are slip-them-on-while-wrestling-with-a-screaming-crying-toddler-able?

Let’s hope so.  And let’s hope that that day comes soon; because I am pretty sure that once we have another baby the clock will restart.

(Joseph was up at the arse-crack of dawn this morning…I took my birth control pill extra early tonight to make sure that I didn’t forget…)

I vow that someday, I will be the woman with the shoes that all of the bleary-eyed, croc-wearing mothers take pictures of.

However, knowing me, I will probably be wearing them with sweatpants.

Double dang.



Out of Sight…



I seem to have a little problem.

Let’s call it “Out of Sight, Out of Mind Disease.”

Like a baby, if something is out of my range of sight, it often ceases to exist for me.

For example,

I think that the reason it is so hard for me to get up with Joseph in the morning is that, during the night, I actually forget that I have a child.

I hear his crying in the morning and, for several seconds, I think,

“Who is THAT?” 

Followed closely by

“Why is that baby crying?”

and finishing with,

“Why doesn’t someone stop it?  Where is it’s mother?” 



That’s me.  The mother.

See why that might be a bit of a hard transition for me?

Don’t feel bad, Caitlin,” you say, “confusion after you have been sleeping is normal.  It is hard to come out of a deep state of sleep and…”

But, I have to interrupt you.



sometimes it happens while he is napping!

I don’t know HOW, because his whole nap time is spent cleaning up his food, making more food for him, picking up his toys, doing his laundry, etc.

But, mostly I am busy thinking of other things like blogging, the book I am reading, American Idol, or  I am trying to convince myself to not, not, for the love of cellulite NOT eat that cookie that I was saving for Brian!!! (aww, he’s trying to eat healthier anyway…)

I hear Joseph make a sound, I jump, and for a split second think, “What…???” 

Apparently, I can be startled by the existence of my own child! 

My final example is the amount of things that I run into / hurt myself on during the day.



Pretty much daily.

That cupboard that is open?  I don’t see it because my head is down, and WHAMO! it rams into my skull.

The dishwasher door?  Well, since I am looking straight ahead, I assume that the path below me is clear, and POW!  by shin is the unwitting victim.

I can’t seem to train myself to be aware of my surroundings.


So…. any tips?

I love you, Joseph, but sometimes Mommy escapes into her mind and forgets all about you for a moment.  Kisses!

Sorry legs, but until I grow another set of eyes (clearly, the only solution), you will continue to be riddled with bruises.

And leg hair.

Not sure what to blame for that…

Monday, February 23, 2009

Google Can Bite Me.


I got this idea from Jenners, a HILARIOUS blogger.  Thanks, Jenners!

Type your name and the word “needs” into the Google search engine.  For example, I typed “Caitlin needs.”  And then you get to see what they come up with!

(Sidenote!!:  Did you know that Google doesn’t want you to say that you “Googled” something.  They want you to say that you used the Google SEARCH ENGINE.  Thanks to my computer-minded husband, I know this.  They don’t want to become a synonym for all internet searches so that they don’t lose their identity.

For example:  When you blow your nose, what do you use?  A Kleenex, right?  Do you?  Or do you use a Western Family Facial Tissue?  We call them all Kleenexs now.  How about Bandaids?  Or are they Adhesive Strips?  See?)


Let’s see what Google thinks that I need.


…Caitlin needs a DIET…” :  Wow, Google.  Way to hit me right where it hurts.  Why you got to be like that?  Jesus and Brian love me the way that I am. If you were here, I would shove one of these Mike and Ikes I’m eating up your “nose.”  (wink, wink.)

2.  “Caitlin needs YOUR HELP!” : With what, Google?  Losing weight?  Jerk.

3. “Caitlin needs GAS-X.” :  Wow.  Talk about Big Brother.  How did you know that, Google?  According to my dramatic husband (and parents, and siblings…odd), I DO tend to have excessive gas.  I think that other people are just better at HOLDING it than I am.  Why hold it?  Who am I trying to impress around here?  You, Google?  Moving on.

4.  “Caitlin needs A ‘B’ IN CHEMISTRY…”:  Hmm.  Well, I DON’T actually, but thanks.  For the record, I totally ACED chemistry.  (Our teacher was a football coach who had to teach SOMETHING in order to be on the staff.  He used to ask ME for help.  And I wasn’t even good.)

5. “Caitlin needs A FARMER BOY.”:  Do I ever.

6.  “Caitlin needs to spend a large amount of time each day on the internet…” :  I SWEAR that it said that.  If you say so, Google!

7. “Caitlin needs immediate surgery for her condition…”:  What condition?  Liposuction?  Enough fat jokes, Google, I’m out.

It turns out that Google is kind of rude. 

So, you know what, Google? 

I am going to go GOOGLE some recipes for bread, and then I am going to go GOOGLE some pictures from the Academy Awards last night, and then I am going to think of things I want to know and

Google it.

Google it.

Google it.


Park, Peach Juice, and Other Adventures.

Heeelllloooo blog world!

I bet you all thought that I wasn’t going to post today, huh? 

Well, I just now sat down after cleaning up a particularly messy dinner, and an entire can of peach juice that splashed all over Joseph, his hair, his clean jammies, me, my clean floor, under the table, and his high chair. 

When I took off his juice-smeared pajamas and went to go get him clean ones, he ran BACK the kitchen, slipped on the peach juice which was on the floor, and fell.  Splattering it on more of the floor, his naked (clean) body, and the cupboards.


Let me shove a few Mike and Ike’s in my mouth, and then I can go on…


So, it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend out here in Potato Country.  It gave me a bit of Spring Fever, and made me depressed to see rain/snow mix in our forecast for later in the week.

We went to the park as a family, and had a lovely time in the sunshine. (See previous slide pictures.)  I think that we spent probably close to two hours there, including a picnic!

Joseph pretty much just wants to stay at this wheel

IMG_1439 the whole time we are on the playground.

And yell a bit. IMG_1435

And touch the camera.    IMG_1441

Oh, and look at his pants. IMG_1433-1 They are supposed to be capris.  Right now they just look like high-waters. (He has really short legs for his torso.)

We also went to the skate park to check out the..well…skaters. IMG_1458 Hard to believe my baby might be one of these guys someday.

Apparently, skate parks are very serious.


Not sure why he wouldn’t crack a smile for me.


Joseph is going through a lovely stage where he wants to be with his Dada ALL OF THE TIME!

I am encouraging it, because it gives me lots of time to sit back and enjoy them playing together. (Aka, BLOG and NAP!)

See, here I am, on the park bench, wat

ching Joseph and his Dada as I bask in the sun KID-FREEIMG_1474

Lovely day.

Even in spite of my painful splinter.


(I am such a baby.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cuteness That Couldn’t Wait


Dear Joseph,


You made me break my No-blogging-on-the-weekend rule by being so stinkin’ cute on the slide today.


I really just couldn’t wait another minute to share your twinkly-blue-eyed-open-mouth-smiled goodness with the world.


I think that you are the cutest thing that God has made since puppies!  And maybe even before that- because your breath is (usually) much sweeter.


Looking at you in all of your adorableness makes my heart hurt a little.

I just love you so much!


Thanks for spending a lovely, happy, sunny day with me.

Now, please take your cute self off to dreamland immediately. 

I love to rub your back for hours and all, but Mommy has Season 2 of Alias to watch.

Until tomorrow, my love,



Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun with Daddy's Car

Brian has a remote control car that he built with his dad as a kid.
We have hauled it on over to Idaho, and he brought it out the other day to show Joseph.
Might not be meaningful to all of you (or any of you except my mother-in-law), but I thought that it was kind of neat to see Joseph playing with something his Dad made with his Grandad.
Plus, Joseph is cute.
So, enjoy, darnit!

Signing Off…



Have you noticed I blogged about a million things yesterday and then nada today.  What can I say?  I was spent.  And banking on the fact that some of you missed my last one or two posts and read them today.

Actually, Joseph was at his friend’s house for most of the day while I ran errands. 

One of which was finally getting my Idaho driver’s license!!

Why didn’t I tell you that I was reading the DMV manual every day and studying, studying, studying like a stressed-out 16 year old?

Simple, I was afraid that I wouldn’t pass.

Really, how humiliating would that be?  I would never live it down; with Brian at least.

But, all is well, and I only missed one question. 

(For the record, did any of you know that a yellow, unmarked triangle pointing to the right means “No Passing Zone?”  What?  Doesn’t it usually SAY “no passing zone?”  I thought that the triangle meant curve to the right ahead…I think that I am right.)

The remainder of the afternoon was spent buying a new pair of shoes for Joseph’s ridiculously-large-and-growing-like-crazy feet (size 7) and coveting every single thing in Anthropologie.  Seriously.  Every. Single. Thing.  Why oh why can’t it all be free?  Things that are that beautiful should be given to the world. 

I ended up not buying anything. 

Okay, one thing. 

Okay two things.  But they were both on sale!

I will upload a short video as soon as my computer allows.

Other than that, tata and have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 19, 2009




This is what Joseph thought of the zoo today:

2-18-09 044

Ha, bet you thought that he would be screaming and hanging onto my leg!  Negative, negative readers.

He loved it!

The sucker helped too. (Thanks Colleen!)

Joseph and his little buddy Cooper hung out and waited for their other bud, Thomas, to arrive. (If you can’t read the captions, click to enlarge.  Or just skip them.)

2-18-09 036

2-18-09 038 

2-18-09 039

2-18-09 043


2-18-09 029 

Thomas the Tiger arrived in style.

2-18-09 045

They ran around, being boys.

2-18-09 051

 2-18-09 047

2-18-09 057

And then my camera died; before I could get pictures of any animals.  Oh well, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!

I think we are going to go back next week!  (Assuming it doesn’t start snowing or something…)

Good way to kill an hour or two in between naps!