Monday, February 23, 2009

Park, Peach Juice, and Other Adventures.

Heeelllloooo blog world!

I bet you all thought that I wasn’t going to post today, huh? 

Well, I just now sat down after cleaning up a particularly messy dinner, and an entire can of peach juice that splashed all over Joseph, his hair, his clean jammies, me, my clean floor, under the table, and his high chair. 

When I took off his juice-smeared pajamas and went to go get him clean ones, he ran BACK the kitchen, slipped on the peach juice which was on the floor, and fell.  Splattering it on more of the floor, his naked (clean) body, and the cupboards.


Let me shove a few Mike and Ike’s in my mouth, and then I can go on…


So, it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend out here in Potato Country.  It gave me a bit of Spring Fever, and made me depressed to see rain/snow mix in our forecast for later in the week.

We went to the park as a family, and had a lovely time in the sunshine. (See previous slide pictures.)  I think that we spent probably close to two hours there, including a picnic!

Joseph pretty much just wants to stay at this wheel

IMG_1439 the whole time we are on the playground.

And yell a bit. IMG_1435

And touch the camera.    IMG_1441

Oh, and look at his pants. IMG_1433-1 They are supposed to be capris.  Right now they just look like high-waters. (He has really short legs for his torso.)

We also went to the skate park to check out the..well…skaters. IMG_1458 Hard to believe my baby might be one of these guys someday.

Apparently, skate parks are very serious.


Not sure why he wouldn’t crack a smile for me.


Joseph is going through a lovely stage where he wants to be with his Dada ALL OF THE TIME!

I am encouraging it, because it gives me lots of time to sit back and enjoy them playing together. (Aka, BLOG and NAP!)

See, here I am, on the park bench, wat

ching Joseph and his Dada as I bask in the sun KID-FREEIMG_1474

Lovely day.

Even in spite of my painful splinter.


(I am such a baby.)

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britney said...

Joseph is lookng more and more like Brian. He is growing so fast, I hope he slows down soon.:)