Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday’s Disappointment



Dear “The Office,”

Why, oh why, have you had reruns on the past TWO WEEKS??!! 

Hello!  It’s mid-season!  What’s going on?

Don’t you know that some of us neglect our children are very productive all day on Thursday, just so that we can sit down and enjoy your show come 8:00?

Do you KNOW how much poop I have come into contact with today??

Can’t a girl get a little funny time on Thursday night?

So, I’m willing to solve whatever this problem is.

Is it a pay dispute? 

I will PAY YOU to make a new episode next week.

A million trillion dollars?  Done. 

Just come back and entertain me.  Please.

Now I have to go fold some laundry while staring at a blank screen.



Disgruntled Fan.


Maureen said...

One hour later, I felt the same disappointment Caitlin! Off to bed for me!

Jenners said...

I know!!!!! They spent all that money to promote it after the Super Bowl and then don't have a bunch of new episodes! Give me my Office!

suzy said...

uggghh - who wants to see michael and jan get at it again? c'mon already