Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun with Daddy's Car

Brian has a remote control car that he built with his dad as a kid.
We have hauled it on over to Idaho, and he brought it out the other day to show Joseph.
Might not be meaningful to all of you (or any of you except my mother-in-law), but I thought that it was kind of neat to see Joseph playing with something his Dad made with his Grandad.
Plus, Joseph is cute.
So, enjoy, darnit!


Maureen said...

YOU WERE RIGHT...the Mother-in-law is very happy! Thanks for sharing :)

Jen said...

I so need to get a car like that to torment the kids with, I mean play with the kids. ;)

Jolandi said...

I love the fact that kids get giddy with just about anything. Hehehe. My husband loves playing RC cars with our kids. It's a great bonding activity for them. This video is just too cute. =)

-Jolandi Kerstetter

Carson Wininger said...

Haha! That was cool! You will really see the joy on Brian’s face! My boys were just like that when they were young. They really enjoyed playing with remote controlled cars. Actually, we still have those. We even kept it on display in their bedrooms.

Carson Wininger