Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Weekend is Over…Sigh…



Man, it is hard to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend, no?

My parents are gone, after a lovely visit, Brian is back at work.  It is just Joseph, me, and a bunch of dirty laundry sitting around. 

We really had a great weekend together!

Brian and I have a tradition where he gets me flowers the day after Valentine’s Day.  They are a lot cheaper, and then he can get me even nicer ones!

Well, my big Valentine broke our tradition and had these waiting for me on Valentine’s Day morning.

2-15-09 003

It was his turn to get up with Joseph, and so he had made a quick run out to the store.  Imagine what those Albertsons employees thought when they saw a man with his baby (in pajamas) buying flowers and a card on Valentine’s Day MORNING!   

We didn’t get Joseph anything for the big day- I kind of figured that this was the last holiday that we could get away with no gifts!  We did let him have a few M&Ms on what Brian calls the “candy train.”  2-15-09 001 Essentially, Brian sings some song about “Here Comes the Candy Train…” and pulls the cart around with candy onboard.  Joseph follows, eating.  Brian had pooped out by the time I got out my camera.  Joseph was happy to have finally “caught” the train.

2-15-09 002

We had some heart pancakes 2-15-09 005 with strawberries…and one pumpkin-shaped pancake thanks to my mom.

2-15-09 006

My little Valentine  2-15-09 010

He loves his Mama2-15-09 011 (I forced him to wear that shirt, of course.  He would wear one that said “Dad” if he could.)

Yes, you’re my Valentine too, Brian.

2-15-09 009

Joseph still loved his Grandpa.2-15-09 004

My mom and I did quite a bit of shopping together, and Joseph was in HOG HEAVEN having Dada and Grandpa to himself!  At one point, when I put Joseph down for a nap, I asked, “Did you have fun with Grandpa?” and he signed “More, more, more!!”

I had my Mom and Dad took some family pictures for us, as it is virtually impossible for us to do it ourselves with our “height discrepancies.” (Brian is over a foot taller than me.) 2-15-09 018

 2-15-09 020

This one was not so good of Brian, so I cut him out.

2-15-09 022 (You should be thanking me, Brian.  Really.)

The night after Valentine’s Day, my lover and I ditched Joseph with my Mom and Dad and went out to a movie, Slumdog Millionaire, and a Jamba Juice.  It was so nice just to drive out to the theater and back with no whining coming from the carseat!

Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Brian for a wonderful Valentine’s Day / President’s Day weekend.

Now, who wants to help me with this laundry?


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T Rex Mom said...

Glad you had a good visit - we'll help with laundry!