Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cuteness That Couldn’t Wait


Dear Joseph,


You made me break my No-blogging-on-the-weekend rule by being so stinkin’ cute on the slide today.


I really just couldn’t wait another minute to share your twinkly-blue-eyed-open-mouth-smiled goodness with the world.


I think that you are the cutest thing that God has made since puppies!  And maybe even before that- because your breath is (usually) much sweeter.


Looking at you in all of your adorableness makes my heart hurt a little.

I just love you so much!


Thanks for spending a lovely, happy, sunny day with me.

Now, please take your cute self off to dreamland immediately. 

I love to rub your back for hours and all, but Mommy has Season 2 of Alias to watch.

Until tomorrow, my love,




Ter said...

Well I totally don't blame you for breaking your no-blogging-on-the-weekend rule! ;)

I especially love the 3rd and last photo, for the artistic photography but they are all so cute and I smiled in spite of myself. ;)

Maureen said...

THAT expression is your gift for all the love and sacrifice you've given the last 15 mos! Isn't it SO worth it! SO CUTE!

Amanda said...

Ohh that is to stinkin cute!!
His little eyes were lit up, you can just see how much fun he is having.
Great pictures!!

Jenners said...

Talk about pure joy! I can see why you broke your rule!

I try to not blog on the weekends (well, in that I try not to post) but I try to get caught up on my blog reading (which is turning into a part-time job itself).

Love the photos ... and the sentiment. I feel the same way about my son. And I hear you on the helping him get to sleep thing. I am on Week 3 of not having to be in the room when my son falls asleep -- and he is 4 years old. Not to scare you or anything, but it is a long process!

T Rex Mom said...

So charming - they really are the best thing ever!

britney said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful son's smile this weekend. Those pictures are so worth breaking your rule.

suzy said...

so so sweet. he's such a beautiful baby, i want to play with him!!!

Mommy of M's said...

Wow, he looks like he is having It was too cold to go outside and play in Ohio. Thanks Mother Nature.