Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Plans



Guess what Brian is building for me this weekend!!


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That’s right, folks, my very own Box Garden!!!

Less weeding, less tilling, less work (for me.)

We are plopping it in the back corner of our yard on top of the existing barkdust.

Hopefully, I can then decorate it with adorable vegetable garden stakes.  Know of any?

I then I will be getting Joseph his own watering can so that he can “help” this summer.  Really, what could be better?

I’ll show you what it looks like on Monday.

The pressure is on now Brian!



Ter said...

I've been wanting to do a box garden too.... of course I'd have to wait for the snow to melt, which probably won't be til June at this rate!

T Rex Mom said...

I started my seedlings last night - including my lavender. Have a great weekend!

Mommy of M's said...

I'm getting one this year too, Hubby promised. I'm sure M1 will love it.

Of course it's still 20 degrees here so the chances of starting it before August are probably slim!

suzy said...

yay! remember how you weren't allowed to have one last year because of your budget... this is the year, woohoo!!! :^)

Six Feet Under Blog said...

That looks very cool!

Ter said...

(replying to your comment)

My doggie says "puh-lease don't eat me!" lol

Jenners said...

My husband built two little ones and they are great. We had problems with the one (nothing grew) but my son LOVES just playing in the dirt in it so it is now a Tonka construction site!

Dan said...

What, your not going to elevate it so that you don't have to spend all that time bent over? You must still be young. {*grin*}

Looks good and hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely the coolest thing! I want one!

Jen said...

Wow that is so cool. I wish that I could have a garden. I would love to grow veggies. But the only thing I am good at growing is children.