Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordful Wednesday- Crocs and Socks


Wordful Wednesday is an event hosted by   image .  Basically, you post a picture and talk about it, then put your blog’s link on her website.  I’m in!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 

I   Love   Crocs.

I know that they are ugly.

Yes, really, REALLY ugly…but I don’t care.

They are like heaven on my feet. 

Or perhaps supportive, yet miraculously weightless clouds.

Also, they are machine washable and dishwasher safe – important features when your shoes constantly have the potential to be vomited on

Now, normally I put them on automatically as I rush out the door with Joseph in my arms (or rather Joseph half-way down my body trying to escape!) and I don’t think another thing about them.

But, on this particular park day, I noticed these little numbers that a mom next to me was wearing.


Wowza, right?! 

Not the best picture, but I was trying to take it really quick without her noticing. 

Taking pictures of strangers at the park tends to be frowned upon around here.


Anywhoo, this Mom had it all together- clean, cut, and colored hair, flattering, but subtle make-up, cute jeans and jacket, and then pretty much the cutest shoes ever. 


Now I was left looking schlumpy again.

Will there come a day when I can pull it together like she did?

When I don’t choose my shoes based on whether or not they are slip-them-on-while-wrestling-with-a-screaming-crying-toddler-able?

Let’s hope so.  And let’s hope that that day comes soon; because I am pretty sure that once we have another baby the clock will restart.

(Joseph was up at the arse-crack of dawn this morning…I took my birth control pill extra early tonight to make sure that I didn’t forget…)

I vow that someday, I will be the woman with the shoes that all of the bleary-eyed, croc-wearing mothers take pictures of.

However, knowing me, I will probably be wearing them with sweatpants.

Double dang.




T Rex Mom said...

Funny post - I love it!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

funny post - I don't wear crocs - but am always in sneakers!!

Elaine A. said...

Those are some awesome shoes. Hmmm.... wonder which ones I am talking about... ; )

You cracked me up!

Carebear said...

This post cracks me up because it hits so close to home. My family is evenly divided in a bitter dispute over whether crocs rock. The anti-crockites are almost violent about their position, while the supporters instigate by buying crocs for all the families' children. My cousin went so far as to get an anti-croc tshirt. Apparently there is an entire movement against these shoes. Weird, but funny.

Jocasta said...

Very funny!

Sorry I'm so over them!

I loved them and then I started seeing Grandma's wearing them!

Hootin' Anni said...

What a wonderful post! Laughing still...this was great.

My Wordful is about the 'twin towers' here in our city. Stop by if you can. I'd love your company.

Brenda said...

Hmm, the croc controversy. . .they are comfortable, which is why I won't allow myself to own any. I am afraid I would never take them off!

Anonymous said...

She's doing it all wrong. You're the one in the right here. Don't for a minute think otherwise!

Simply AnonyMom said...

Well, if she was wearing those shoes she was probable not comfortable and in a hurry and not enjoying her time at the park.

I do not do crocs, but I wear my birkenstocks everywhere. I know they went out of fashipon in the 90's but I can not help it!!!

Mommy of M's said...

Oh how I love my crocs. I even have the tacky jitbits thingys in mine!!

M1 has orange ones, and I mean orange, like blogger orange!!

I have an award for you on my blog.

angie said...

Those ARE just about the cutest shoes ever. Sometimes comfort is just more important though. :) I LIVE in my croc thongs during the summer.

Rachel said...

I saw those shoes at Payless. I almost bought them, but my husband makes fun of me for having too many shoes. Is there such a thing? Anyway, I didn't start coloring my hair and dressing up until Jacob. So there is hope! Having Jacob made me feel really extra frumpy. I had to change.

Ter said...

awww :)

I bet cute-shoes-mom is cursing her sore feet every day! ;)

Maureen said...

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Caitlin, so MAYBE someone IS looking at your shoes thinkng they are really boss! But, it's not me :) Still, I'm glad your feet are comfy and you're making the right choice!!!

Jen said...

I so know what you are saying. I want to be the cute shoe mom too but it is just not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love your blog. My writing is sooo boring compared to yours. I guess that's why mine is all pics with a few little phrases!! Cute Posting, I know what you mean!

Jenners said...

Now you can have it both ways -- look at what Crocs are putting out now:


They have dressy and trendy Crocs!

And stop taking my picture at the park -- you think I didn't see you but I did!