Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because He is Sleeping Now, and Seems So Sweet…



It is not all tantrums and whining around here.


Joseph is also a big snuggle bug.

He likes nothing more than to snuggle up with a warm body and watch a Baby Einstein movie.

Well, he actually likes fishing things out of our trash to eat/play with a bit more.  But snuggling is a close second.


After a long day together, I love sharing this quiet moment with him.  He smells so sweet from the bath and he holds so still.  No screaming or hitting or sticky, sweaty hands grabbing at my leg.  It is glorious.  Really, is anything better than a freshly bathed baby in pajamas?  I think not.

Makes all of the other tiring, thankless, monotonous moments worthwhile.  And then some.


Sleep well, Joseph! (Please, please, please.) 

I am sorry that you are sick and that your mouth hurts. 

I am sorry that the mean doctor lady looked into your ears. 

I am glad that you hit her. 

And then kicked her head. 

She clearly deserved it.



T Rex said...

Feel better soon!!! We have lots more playing to do!

Momma said...

Sorry that he is sick!! Better this week than NEXT week, though, since we will be just across the hallway from him. Remember, the motel is always an option for your old parents, so don't get your feelings hurt.
Love you, Momma