Thursday, February 26, 2009

Award Numero Dos


Guess What?  Well, if you speak Spanish, you already know from my title, but

I won another award!

The Honest Scrap Award!


Hot Diggity Dog!

Thanks Mommy of Ms!

(And yes, she gave me my first award too.  So?  She likes me, what can I say?)

With this award comes some rules- list 10 “honest scraps” about yourself, and then pass it on!  

Once I complete these rules, I get to paste my little award in my sidebar and stare at it all day-feeling great about myself.

So, here we go- 10 facts about me:

1) I like raisins, Raisin Bran, and raisins in my granola.  I do NOT, however, like raisins in my cookies, rice pudding, or muffins.  I am a mystery, even to myself.



2)  I looooove watermelon!  I can eat an obscene amount of it- more than anyone I know or have ever seen.

It’s pretty awesome to behold. 

I used to dread going to potlucks where watermelon was served, because it was physically painful to only take one or two slices.  Luckily, my friend Suzy used to score a few to give to me later. (Thanks, Suz!)


I will now attempt to get off of the topic of food (can you tell that I am hungry?)



3) I dropped out of college.  Yep, just quit.  I hope to go back some day, but it is not something I regret, because it enabled me to start working and get married sooner. (I wouldn’t trade those years of marriage for a degree!)

So, believe it or not, these mad writing skills are only HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL, baby!  Impressed?



4)  I moved to Seattle to be next to Brian (at UW) without having a plan, a job, or any friends there. 

We decided that we couldn’t do long distance any longer (he broke up with me for the summer, but that is ANOTHER STORY!…) and we should take the next step. 

I rented one bedroom out of a three bedroom apartment in the same building as Brian, and moved up there within the month.

I only had enough money for a couple month’s rent.  And remember, no college degree. 

What was I thinking?!  What must my parents have been thinking about my IQ level? 

It all sounded terribly romantic to me.



5) I was in band, jazz band, marching band.  Total band nerd. 

I was even the drum major of the marching band- you know, those people that stand up on a podium and wave their arms to direct the band?  You’re looking at her. 

The good news is, that being on that podium gave 16 year old Brian, who was in the crowd at football games, a chance to check out my butt!  That’s right, he really and truly did.



6)  Often, I find playtime with Joseph boring.  Does anyone feel me?  I love him, but after hours of stacking block towers and watching him knock them over, I could gouge out my eyes.



7) I am allergic to the cold.  It is called “cold urticaria” and, basically, it means that when I get cold I break out in hives.  It hardly ever happens now, but when I was younger, even if I held a bowl of ice cream I would get hives on my hands. 

My mom used to hold an ice cube on my arm, and watch a hive develop in the exact shape of it.

Then she would show her friends.

Nice, Mom, nice.



8) Despite all of the research, I am still nervous about immunizations. Every time Joseph gets a shot, I think, “Please let him be okay, Please let him be okay…”

We have postponed shots one rotation.  For example, he got his 12 month shots at 15 months, and he will get his 15 month shots (including MMR-AHHH!) at 2.

I know what the medical facts say.  Maybe I am just a wimp.



9) I drank a cup of coffee every day for my entire pregnancy.  Sometimes (rarely) two. 

Joseph was born at 39 weeks at 8 lbs. 11 oz.

So there.



10)  During my pregnancy, we thought for a few weeks that something might be wrong with Joseph’s brain.  His brain valve was measuring a bit big, and they were concerned about hydrocephalus.

He is fine and has a smaller-than-his-body-size head.

(Maybe this fact should have come before raisins and watermelon?…)

Thanks again, Mommy of Ms!!

I pass this award on to my friend at,  T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

It is written by my real life (as opposed to”bloggy”) friend, her little boy is CHARMING, and Joseph is featured on it quite often.  What more could I ask for?


Rachel said...

Wow, so honest. Good for you Caitlin. I didn't know some of that stuff.

britney said...

What's funny about number nine is that it wasn't even just a normal size cup of coffee, but the biggest mug I've ever seen filled completely to the rim so that you couldn't even carry it.

T Rex Mom said...

Thanks for the award!!! And I enjoyed your honest scraps.

Jenners said...

Did I tell you how funny think you are? Well, I do and I totally relate to playtime boredom with my son. Although it has gotten better since he is 4 and the toys are a little more appealing, there is a limit to how long I can play Legos. I'm always sneaking off to "go to the bathroom" and then read or do blogging until he tracks me down.