Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma!


Today is my dear Mother’s Birthday!

Since I didn’t get her a card (oops...darn that President’s-Day-no-mail thing!)  I decided to write her a birthday poem…

Because it’s the thought that counts.


Right, Mom?





Thanks for always cleaning up my trail of junk,

and putting up with me when I slunk around in a funk.

I don’t mind if you spanked me with a wooden spoon,

because, knowing Joseph, MY turn is coming soon.

I’m sorry if, as a teenager, I was a snot,

perhaps if you hadn’t been so uncool, restrictive, and old fashioned, we wouldn’t have fought. 

(Just Kidding!! Just Kidding!!)

When I look at our family, I’m glad that it’s YOU I look like,

because, for an old lady, you still look alright!

Thank you for the afterschool snacks, hot breakfasts, and kisses,

the vacuuming, laundry, the hugs, and the dishes.

Until I had my own family, I didn’t realize all that you did,

or how much I took you for granted when I was a kid.

So, my dear Momma, Happy Birthday to You,

I strive to be like you in all that I do.



T Rex said...

Wow!!! Very cool - a very nice birthday gift!

Anonymous said...

That is so absolutely sweet! You are both beautiful girls!

Caitlin said...

To the rest of the family-
Don't be hurt that I said that I am glad that I look like Mom. It's her birthday, after all. (You know that I really wish that I looked like YOU...)

Maureen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! That is a great picture of you two, and what a lovely tribute to your Momma Caitlin :)

Cascia said...

That is beautiful! I hope your mother had a wonderful birthday.

Momma said...

It IS the thought that counts, and all the thoughts on this entry are sweet. Thank you, Cait!! It is a very unique and special birthday card. By the way, when was that photo taken? Were we getting ready for your wedding?????
Love always,