Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review


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1) Somehow I wound up pregnant again!

2) Isaac turns 2!!


4) Our last NYC pizza from Franco Metro’s

5) Taking a break from unpacking to enjoy the freakish spring snow!

6) Its (another) BOY!

7) Hoses are Isaac’s best friend throughout the summer

8) Family of Four (Easter)

9) Brothers/Rabble-rousers

10) Baby #3 Makes his blog debut

11) Spring is here!

12) Enjoying being close to cousins! (More days in costume than out)

13) My inlaws have a tractor and it is Isaac’s piece of heaven

14) Sometimes even 2 year olds need to be in the sling

15) Shades.

16) My oldest and my youngest

17) and 18) MANY MANY trips to the coast

19)  Loving his brother

20) Summertime owies

21) Summertime and the living is eaaaasy….

22) Isaac was alone with the Aquaphor

23) The boys help me paint letters for Samuel while Brian is on a business trip to NYC.

24) Joseph learns to ride with no training wheels!!

25) Great with child

26) Summertime lounging with cousins

27) Isaac learns to climb trees

28) More cousin playdates! (And Joseph picks himself out yellow pants)

29) Last pregnant picture

30) Hello Samuel!!

31) and 32) Meeting Samuel for the first time

33) Birth announcement photo

34) My Three Sons (also on the back of the birth announcement)

35) First smile caught on camera

36) Samuel’s first costume, made by my dear friend!

37) The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown kicks off the month of October

38) He kills me.

39) Round one of Kindergarten shots! (Not a tear was shed, but he did say in a shaky voice, “That hurt a lot more than I thought it was going to!”)

40) Matching noses

41) My little pumpkins

42) “Look, Mama! Samuel’s smiling at me!”…not so much…

43) They moved a bunch of wood in front of the sliding door “so that Dada won’t have to go so far to get wood for a fire!”

44) The piƱata crowd at Joseph’s b-day party. We are so blessed with family!

45) Five Years Old!!

46) Samuel is getting plump!

47) Brian found Isaac sitting at his work desk like this.

48) Family of 5! 



What a year!  I am so tired and happy! 

(mostly happy!)

(and tired!)

(and chronically behind on laundry!)



Christmas 2012



As previously mentioned, Brian and I had a bit of a rough night on Christmas Eve.

So perhaps this Christmas will go down in our memories as “the grumpiest we have ever felt on a holiday?”

But, we did pull it together after nap time!



Joseph was absolutely FRANTIC to go out and see his presents,

and Isaac was wailing “why didn’t Santa come?!!!” Until I explained that Santa HAD come, Isaac just didn’t see him.  At which point he wandered out to the living room, confused, and sat by me for a while.



But Joseph plunged right in!




He was thrilled with everything!


(He REALLY wanted that NRG Jay- some microscopic Lego Ninja that I pray I won’t vacuum up for a few months at least.)


And soon Isaac couldn’t resist the pull of the wind up train


and his much-coveted blue airplane!


(which is 100% of the time what he said he was asking Santa for.)



Every Christmas Brian says “Ooooooh my gaaaaaawwwsh” all drawn out and  SO gross over and over throughout the morning.  Just to make me laugh.


It is also worth noting that Isaac calls stockings “Walkie-stockings” this year.


And that Joseph’s favorite song is “The Little Drummer Boy”, which he has been having me sing to him at bedtime.


I only took a few pictures this year, so that I could really see the fun with my own two eyes.


And despite my grumpiness, it was truly a magical Christmas!


(especially after naps)