Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012



As previously mentioned, Brian and I had a bit of a rough night on Christmas Eve.

So perhaps this Christmas will go down in our memories as “the grumpiest we have ever felt on a holiday?”

But, we did pull it together after nap time!



Joseph was absolutely FRANTIC to go out and see his presents,

and Isaac was wailing “why didn’t Santa come?!!!” Until I explained that Santa HAD come, Isaac just didn’t see him.  At which point he wandered out to the living room, confused, and sat by me for a while.



But Joseph plunged right in!




He was thrilled with everything!


(He REALLY wanted that NRG Jay- some microscopic Lego Ninja that I pray I won’t vacuum up for a few months at least.)


And soon Isaac couldn’t resist the pull of the wind up train


and his much-coveted blue airplane!


(which is 100% of the time what he said he was asking Santa for.)



Every Christmas Brian says “Ooooooh my gaaaaaawwwsh” all drawn out and  SO gross over and over throughout the morning.  Just to make me laugh.


It is also worth noting that Isaac calls stockings “Walkie-stockings” this year.


And that Joseph’s favorite song is “The Little Drummer Boy”, which he has been having me sing to him at bedtime.


I only took a few pictures this year, so that I could really see the fun with my own two eyes.


And despite my grumpiness, it was truly a magical Christmas!


(especially after naps)



Jenners said...

Glad you got to see it with your own two eyes! ; )

Joseph looks beyond the moon happy and Isaac looks a bit confused until about the third photo! : )

britney said...

Love it! Garrett also came out on Christmas and didn't even notice that the sockings were full and that there were presents under the tree. Funny boys.