Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random thoughts + trimming the tree



Well, gee!  I am on a blogging roll now!

Maybe its because my baby went to bed before midnight?

So I am ignoring the voice in my head that is telling ME to go to bed,

and focusing on these here molasses sugar cookies and this blog instead!

(also ignoring the voice telling me that eating molasses cookies at midnight cancels out the pats on the back that I gave myself for not eating them all day)


First of all, an explanation about these decorating pictures:

Brian does not like to decorate the tree.

It boggles my all-things-christmas-loving mind, but there you have it.

He has refused to do it our whole marriage, and this year was no exception!

Lucky for him, I came from a family that also had a father who was a christmas-tree-decorating hater, so I have low expectations.

Low being: sit there on the couch, drink your hot chocolate that I bring to you in a Santa mug, and take pictures.

This year, he pushed the envelope by reading a book, holding the camera on his lap, and taking pictures at random intervals without looking.

But it created an interesting and genuine viewing experience for all of us!


So, I’m on my first ever really trying my hardest diet.

Or, you know, I WAS on it until Christmas snuck up on me.


Because Christmas, you see, has all of these once-a-year-treats! 

People aren't just whipping up the fudge and gingerbread and crackle cookies any old time, now are they?


So, do you want to eat it now, and break your diet? OR, do you want to wait ANOTHER WHOLE YEAR TO EAT IT AGAIN?!

Of course now, am I right?!


But, anyway, I digress.  I’m on a diet pause until Wednesday, but lets move on.


My point is, I have found that this whole dieting thing feels really personally hurtful.

Like, I am PUNISHING myself by not having treats.


I find myself all pouty in the evenings thinking “I worked so hard today! And I’m so tired!  And the baby is still up and attached to my boobs- and you are telling me that I can’t eat chocolate??!!”


But yes, that is what I am telling myself.  That I can’t eat chocolate in the evening every night AND be skinny.


I am also telling myself that it is a treat to be able to eat healthy and look/feel better!  See, self?!  It’s a TREAT!  you can still get a TREAT tired girl!


My self isn’t buying it.


After, (I’m ashamed to admit), a seven year dry spell, we are now going to church again regularly.


I love it!


I feel great!


But it has brought up some interesting questions for Joseph.

Like, he asked me a few weeks ago, “Who is more powerful, Mama?  God or Santa?”


And I said God.  

And then he said, “That’s true because God MADE Santa because God made everything!”


I said yes again.


But ack!  Are you with me?  It feels bad!  And confusing!


He drops these things all the time!  Here’s another one! :

Joseph: “God is more powerful than wolverine!”

Me: “Yes!  That’s true!”

J: “…because God is MAGIC and wolverine just has claws!”




Something else I need saving from is the constant bickering between these two boys.


I actually kind of want to set up a video camera so that I can record some of it!  I know it is normal, but MAN!  It is inteeeeense!


Its all

“stop touching my knights!”

“I not TOUCHING, I LICKING your knights!”



then a few minutes later

“He’s touching them again!!! waaaaah!”

“I not TOUCHING them, I COUNTING them!”

“wAAAAAAAH!!” Punch! hit! Push!


which makes me want to yell helpful things like “no more knights for anyone! EVER!!”


Isaac also came to me today and asked, “Mama? I am a me-me?”

Me: “what?!”

Isaac: “A me-me?  I a me-me?”

Me: “Oh!” (a MEANIE) “No!  you’re not!”

Running back down the hall, “Mama says I NOT a me-me!”

Joseph: “Yes you are a meanie because you hit me right on the toe!”



Cue lots of wailing, gnashing of teeth, and Isaac saying, “That’s what happens!” which is always his defense when he does something naughty to Joseph.

As in:

“Isaac hit me in the neck with the sword!”

Isaac shrugging, “That’s what happens!”


Ah, our house is filled with the Christmas spirit, is it not?



Speaking of Christmas (and on a happier note) I am so looking forward to Christmas morning this year! 


The excitement is building for the boys, and I am anticipating the fun reactions of having two that “get” the whole Christmas morning thing.


And I am so blessed with my healthy, rambunctious boys that make me laugh and shower me with kisses every day!


It is also fun to me that we are in the stage of life where one year the bottom half of the tree is bare to save ornaments from grabby toddlers, and the next year, the bottom is overly crowded from older decorating helpers!

Guess which year this is?


Joseph says it’s the most beautiful tree ever!!


And I actually kind of agree!



ter@waaoms said...

this post made me laugh.

and wish I could experience it too.

the pics are hilarious. I would've been pissed off though... I would be like "but they're not perfect! wahh!"

I'm a perfectionist, apparently. ;)

Maureen said...

I have to say, I did like seeing the Christmas tree decorating process from the couch...not that I have EVER experienced that either :) Great job of instilling traditions, Caitlin!

Jenners said...

Brian and Mr. Jenners would get along good.

And the God questions are awful, aren't they? you get yourself caught in a difficult space and it is hard to get out of. Just go with God every time and don't worry about it!

And diet are punishment. And you can diet and have a teeny tiny little bit of chocolate each day so you don't feel deprived. You just can't have a lot of chocolate. If you can't control it. then have Brian control your access. It is what I have to do as I have no willpower. But don't diet during the holidays! That is just wrong!