Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday


2012-07-30 07.22.30

My biggest baby Joseph and me this morning.  I can’t believe that soon he is going to be the big brother to TWO little boys!

We are doing well,

and we all had a wonderful, wonderful weekend (details soon).

Now everyone is a bit tired- Joseph joined me in bed at about 6:45 this morning, but fell back asleep until 8:30- a new record!!

I’m playing a bit of catch up today, but will be back here with all of you soon!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vive la différence!



At the exact same time:



Getting filthy and wet happily by himself outside




Sitting inside with me talking/wondering about China.


Or the other day, when the boys were riding bikes in our garage Joseph called me outside:


“Mama!  Mama!  I have a secret to tell you!”

I lean forward


He whispers “I love you!”


Isaac says, “Mama! Secret tell you!”

I lean forward


and he whispers, “ I hear the ocean.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



My ramblings.

tuesday market

The boys have finally stopped stirring, and the house is peaceful.

This evening had some bumps and I am tired.

Not big bumps, probably nothing that I will even remember in a few weeks, but some.


Like Joseph waking me up at 5pm (he had come out of his room at 3 after nap without waking me and started playing his computer game) to tell me that a stranger was at the door.

And that he had opened it.

And that she was waiting for me.

It turned out to be some solicitor from Germany selling some school-type books?  I think?  I also think that I may have told her to come back on Saturday? 

The whole thing is a bit fuzzy.  It was just so disorienting and I was distracted by the fact that ohmygosh my son opened the door to a STRANGER while he was alone and wearing only UNDERWEAR and I was SLEEPING!


We had a nice long talk (Joseph and I, not the stranger and I.  Well, maybe both, it’s fuzzy, remember?) about not opening the door for strangers, during which I tried to strike a balance between getting him to understand and not terrifying him/giving him more things to obsessively worry about at bedtime.


After I recovered, we went to Tuesday market, and had a great time with my inlaws.

Isaac left in just undies and covered in chocolate, which I would consider a win.

Also, they had a dog parade tonight which, in case you don’t have little boys and don’t know, is a bit like heaven.


BUT, when we arrived home, I found that Isaac had peed in his carseat.

And while I was trying to take off the cover and get it washed (it can’t go in the dryer and we need it in the morning), I came in to find Isaac finishing off the last of the butter.

You know, from our butter dish.

5 Tablespoons of butter, actually.

I know this, because I just refilled it today and made a mental note to keep track of how long it takes us to go through 5 Tb. of butter.

(note: about 5 hours, apparently)


Although these bumps may have worn me down a bit, there are so many good things to remember as well.  And I know that they will fade, along with the bad.

Joseph swimming (YES! SWIMMING!) by himself to the instructor today at lessons.  And how my heart was in my throat the whole time, and I honest-to-goodness clasped my hands under my chin, willing him to stay afloat.

His beaming smile when he got the news that he has passed on to level 4.

The way that his eyelashes are so long that they get all tangled and brush against the inside of his goggles.

The way that Isaac said,  “Sowwy!  I eat butter!” when I caught him with the dish.

And the way that he looked running up to me after bath, naked,his own pair of goggles on, both fists clutching popcorn, with a big smile on his face.

Also, Joseph’s voice calling from the bathtub,  “Mama?  Can I breathe underwater?”  My “no” and his “just checking!”


These days with little people are just….wild!

Wild and oh so sweet.

And maybe I cry some days, usually from exhaustion and frustrations, and the overwhelmingness of “how can I possibly do this motherhood thing?!”,

but it is close to a laugh,

and almost feels like it came out wrong.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot and Bored?


You should make some Cloud Dough!

(image from here)

It’s just

8 cups of flour


1 cup of baby oil

Mix it with your hands, and you have moldable wet-sand type softness!

(recipe from here)


I will, sadly, never ever be making it again.

Because, you see, I have an Isaac at my house


But, if your house is Isaac-free (how boring!), Do it!

Because it was really really cool!

Also, come get Isaac for a little while so I can rest.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruminations at 30 weeks pregnant



Pro:  My boobs are bigger than they have ever been before.  Besides breastfeeding I suppose!



(although not sure why this is a pro to anyone but Brian, because MAN do they hurt!  Also, maybe not even such a pro for Brian because, well, MAN do they hurt!)


Con: They are dwarfed by my large belly so no one can ever tell.


Pro:  My large belly makes my behind look smaller than it ever has before!  Downright petite in comparison!


Con:  It is most certainly not petite.  Not. at. all.   As everyone will notice in a few months when the belly stops being an appropriate fixation for your eye.


In fact I might go so far as to say that it is the biggest it has ever been?…but no!  I just can’t.  That is too depressing!  And I could ask Brian, but he will probably just mumble something about needing to work and leave the room.


In other news- sadly, no more Drumsticks for me, as they give me TERRIBLE heartburn!  Oh, they are so delicious, I feel a bit teary just thinking about them, but not worth the burning bile creeping into your mouth at 2 am.

And, if the old wives tales are right (which-apparently they are!) , I am having the male version of Rapunzel.  Because even oxygen seems to give me heartburn!  Wake up in the morning with an empty stomach and- hello stomach bile!


Other than that, and bad lower back pain this week (made worse when I fell in a hole today) (yes a hole) (I don’t want to talk about it), I am peachy keen and trucking right along!

I still am grossed out by rice and the smell of my homemade bread baking.  I have a new recipe in the oven right now for us to try out-fingers crossed!- but we have been having to…wait for it…wait for it…EAT STORE-BOUGHT BREAD! Oh, the shame!!

I am feeling the baby kick all the time- along with some strange “Come feel this lump-what is that?!” moments, which I love.  Every night I fall asleep feeling him move.


The newborn clothes are still in the attic (I think.  I haven’t seen them since before our move), my niece is still sleeping in the bassinet I’m going to use, and I have only bought the baby three things.


Also, I don’t know for sure what doctor or hospital I am going to deliver.

So I should probably get my act together?

Or maybe microwave some s’mores and watch the newest Underworld with Brian?

Yep, I choose that one.


Monday, July 9, 2012



(drowning you in pictures)

(But, oh!  The Oregon Coast is spectacular!)



(My little boy who can’t sit through a single Dora can play for hours on the beach…)











(don’t worry, we put it back!)








(both little boys always end up pantless after a day at the beach)












Before (click to zoom):DSC_0211

After:  (he can dish it out but not take it)