Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The 3rd of July


IMG_1086(pictures from 4th of July last year)

A bit of a rambling conversation post…because Brian seems to be working and I would like to chat!


Is anyone else sooo excited for tomorrow?

Gaaaah!  I can’t wait!

That’s the thing about being a stay at home mom I think- the little things are thrilling!  Like tomorrow is a WEDNESDAY and yet Brian is going to be home and we get to have a PARADE and EAT A BUNCH?? I’m excited!


  What are you all up to?  It is going to be a busy day around here hanging out with lots of family, BBQs, a parade, cousin time, and of course- fireworks! 

Basically a million times better than last year when we went to a parade in Teaneck, New Jersey by ourselves, and couldn’t set off any fireworks because they were against the law! 

So thankful to be here!



The four of us went to pick out some fireworks from a nearby fireworks tent last night!  Joseph and I were very excited (to me picking out fireworks ranks up there with christmas trees and pumpkins!  I mean- hello!  A firework with a panda on it that climbs?  Or a chicken that shoots out fiery eggs?  I’m IN!), Isaac was confused, and Brian came reluctantly.  But whatever- I’m sure he ended up having fun, and I am enriching his life!


Anyhow, we had set ourselves a budget of $40, and I spent $39.99 and handed Brian the penny. As we drove home, Joseph said, “What a TREAT!!”


Then, after baths, we set off one Killer Bee and one spinning flower (which actually turned out to be 4 spinning flowers since they were from last year and 3 were duds).  I felt a little hypocritical after criticizing the neighbors- but it was only 7:30pm…right?

Joseph and I laughed and laughed as they went off and Isaac…continued to look slightly confused.


Now Joseph is wanting some chores to do so that he can earn money to buy some more spinning flowers tonight!


And I am going to be baking most of the afternoon, and cleaning too, so that tomorrow I can relax and enjoy the day!


Am I hyping this up to much?

Am I sounding desperate for excitement?

YAHOOOOO!  BEST DAY EVER!   Happy 4th of July you guys! 



Caitlin said...

happy australian 4th of july!!!

Maureen said...

WOW, I hope your 4th of July is everything you anticipate, Cutie! Should be nice weather and I'm sure it will be wonderful shared with all your family!

ter@waaoms said...

I don't even know what you were talking about half the time but I hope you have a great holiday tomorrow.