Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Boys boys boys


Today included me explaining why its not a good choice to hit a ball with a metal BBQ spatula using my beautiful ceramic Anthropologie bowl as a “golf tee.”


Also, why you can’t tackle your brother on the hardwood floor as hard as you can “even when they have the football.”

All three got locked outside while I drank an entire cup of coffee. (the twins split the caffeine, right?)


They still have mud in their ears.


The older two taught their little brother a “fun game” that featured them swinging while Samuel hit them with tennis rackets.


I woke up from a 20 minute nap to find that Samuel had purchased TWELVE Mickey Mouse episodes on Amazon instant video…for $3.25 each.


I got ambushed at tuck-in time by a five year old and his slingshot (thanks for that Santa!)


And about an hour later we found Samuel in OUR bed, watching Curious George on our tv, like he wasn’t supposed to be in his bed asleep at all.

Basically, it was a day filled with little-boy-glee.

And have I mentioned on the blog yet that we are having two more??  Of the little boy variety? 


I’m a blessed woman!  And I’m waaaaaaay out of my depth here.  I played with dolls exclusively!  And read books the whole walk home from the bus stop!  FIVE BOYS??!!


I have to trust that God gave them to me for a reason.  I have to remember that, with His help, I can do this. (NOT ALONE, mind you, but with His help).  I have to laugh at my little boys and their little boy shenanigans.   And I have to remember to keep writing this stuff down for my daughters-in-law.