Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally some pictures, and the camera disaster…


Didn’t I tell you that I would get the picture thing going?  Oh, ye of little faith.  I hope that you really, really savor them, because until I get my new camera, this is all you are getting.  And we are not getting the new camera for a few weeks since we chose the free shipping option…

On our way to our first Thanksgiving stop!


Joseph plays with this school bus all of the time.

Me trying really, really hard not to eat the fudge that was sitting in

our backseat…IMG_8626

Joseph loves this little kitty, and thinks that it feels like heaven against his face.

 IMG_8631 (Please note the adorable Thanksgiving sweater.)

It was really great to be able to let Joseph run free at Jenn’s; they

have lots of cool toys.IMG_8641

IMG_8632 Wheee!

Are you ready for the camera disaster?

Oh, look at cute Joseph riding in the wagon.


(Look out, Caitlin, Look out!)

Ready?  Here it comes!

Bam!  It hits the ground and

IMG_8651 Bingo.  This is what my camera looks like.

IMG_8661 IMG_8662

Too bad, because look at how cute this picture would have been.


But wait, it gets worse.  The next morning, it looks like this.


Why? Why? Why?

So, there you have it folks.

Tomorrow, we are going off into the forest to chop down a Christmas tree. (don’t worry, we have a permit.)  I will try to take some video, because pictures?  Not so much.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, I didn't actually mean to publish that post yet. My chubby little hands keep accidentally hitting things on Brian's laptop. ARGH! So, sorry for typos and the like.
Bad news- I dropped my camera and it broke.
Good news- we bought a new one and it is on its way. (Merry Christmas to me...)
I am pumped, though, because this one is going to be even better! So, if you thought that you loved my blog pictures before, just you wait!
I am going to corner Brian tomorrow and make him show me how to upload some of the other pictures I took- in the meantime, I am off to drink tea and watch a movie!
Happy Black Friday! Did anyone buy anything fun?

It's on.

Do you know what today is (was)?
The day after Thanksgiving.
You know what that means?
For me- Christmas decoration time.
It's on- the holiday season.
My radio has been turned to non-stop Christmas music, I have up my Christmas carol clock (a christmas carol every hour for lucky brian to listen to...) and my lollipop tree. Brian got down my boxes of Christmas decorations for me, and this weekend I am decking the halls baby!!

Speaking of baby, I had a new nephew born today! My sister had her sixth baby, little Josiah. He is so cute! It is killing me not to be closer so that I can hold him. Idaho, you suck!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Man, I almost missed it, didn't I? Still not able to post pictures-but I have high hopes for tomorrow.

Today, we went over to my Aunt's house to see my cousins, Grandpa, uncles, and two aunts. Then, we went over to my friend Jenn's house for our wonderful Thanksgiving meal! Joseph had a great time seeing everyone, and playing his little heart out at Jenn's (with his baby buddies.)

Things that I am thankful for this year:

-My supportive, close, nosy, teasing, loving, sharing family.

-My wonderful, hardworking husband.

-My sweet(ish) and adorable baby.

-Brian's job security

-Getting to stay home with Joseph

-Our house

-My tummy being full of good Thanksgiving food

-All of my supportive blog readers

-Flannel sheets that are waiting for me on my bed.

-Joseph getting to see and charm my Grandpa (his great-grandpa.) Unfortunately, he didn't cooperate for pictures, but Grandpa thought that he was a character and that he had pretty blue eyes. (In a manly way, I'm sure.)

-Good friends.

I must go start a load of laundry so that I can head for bed. Poor Brian has to work tomorrow, but at least he will have a turkey sandwich in his lunch! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not sure what the title should be.

Hello, everyone.
I am blogging this on Brian's laptop. Our desktop computer is down (long story, that I don't completely...okay, or partially...understand.) So I can't add any pictures. Well, I probably could, but I don't know how. And why learn when your husband works with computers? He enables me. Why not? I don't make him cook even though he probably could.

So, Joseph is a bit of a wuss. Yep, pretty wimpy. Here are just a few of his fears :

-The hairdryer (which is kind of scary, I will give him that.)

-The teapot whistle. (Really?)

-The hand-held mixer.

-The sound of foil or Saran Wrap being cut off of the roll. (Because, AHHH! That's scary, folks!!)

-Cookie sheets being taken out of the drawer.

I could go on.

But today, I get to add a new fear to that list.

Getting his pictures taken professionally.

Apparently, when the background is rolled down, it is really scary.

Poor Joseph.

I tried to get his one year pictures taken today, but he just cried the whole time. We were able to get one mediocre shot, tons of crying ones, and a few of his tear-streaked face while he gripped his blankie and my cell phone.

So, after almost 2 hours (they were running way behind), we got only one okay one.

I had a coupon, so I only ended up spending 5 bucks. Take that, Sears.
That's what you get for having such scary, roll-down backgrounds.

The good news is, I know that every time I look at my picture, at the timid half-smile-half-grimace, and the barely veiled terror reflecting in his eyes, I will remember what my sweet, scaredy-cat boy was like at one year old.

Also, we are getting our family pictures taken tomorrow (only one coupon per visit, so I made two appointments. I am cheap like that. Brian likes it.) so I am going to try to get a few shots of just him then. We will just have to leave the room when they want to change backgrounds. And that's okay.

Oh, and no blue vomit yesterday. Hooray!!! Also, he is walking all day long- hardly crawling at all, ever. Think it might be the tubes?

Monday, November 24, 2008

“Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays…”


9:00 AM

“Poison Control Center, can you hold please?”

Me:  “Ummm….I’m not sure?”

Poison Control Center (PCC):  “What is the problem?”

Me:  “My son ate some shampoo…”


PCC:  (interrupting) “Please hold.”

Me:  “Okie dokie…”

(Classical music playing, apparently to soothe Moms whose children are vomiting and dying as they are on hold.)

(Me thinking: please let it not be an ironic twist that Joseph has skulls and crossbones on his pajamas this morning...)

PCC:  “Poison Control Center, this is Marge.” (Most monotone voice imaginable.  Get some enthusiasm, Marge, you have a pretty intense job.)

Me:  “Hi there, my baby ate some Head and Shoulders shampoo, and I was wondering what to do.”

Marge:  “How old is your baby?”

Me:  “He is actually a year old.  I just left for a second to put my clothes on..hehehe (awkward, nervous laugh)…you know how quick these kids can be…hehehe…"

Marge:  (interrupting again)  "How much did he eat?"

Me (scrubbing the carpet):  "Well, judging by the amount on the carpet...hehehe, I'd say only about a teaspoon.."

Marge (completely monotone still):  "Okay let me check."

(Apparently, the Poison Control Center is not a laughy-laughy-happy kind of place.  Jokes are NOT appreciated.)

Marge:  "Looks like he will be fine.  Just give him some water, and keep him upright.  You may expect some vomiting in the next hour or so."

Me:  "Oh.  Okay, so I don't need to do anything?"

Marge:  "Give him some water, and keep him upright."

Me:  "Okay, GREAT!"  (maybe a little too chipper?)

Marge:  "May I ask where you are calling form, Ma'am?"

Me:  "Boise, Idaho."

Marge:  "Your phone says you are in Portland."

Me:  "Oh, hehehe, it is a cell phone and..."

Marge (interrupting):  "Well, next time, you should call from a land line."

Me:  "Oh."

(Awkward silence)

Marge:  "Thank you for calling, please inform me if his condition worsens."

Me:  "Okay, thanks, I..." (phone is dead.)

I stop scrubbing the carpet and walk into the kitchen. 

Where is Joseph?


Hope yours (and mine) isn't filled with blue vomit.

(PS:  Joseph went back to sleep this morning, and slept until 7:15.  I love him so much.)


Saturday, November 22, 2008



Gosh, I am sorry that this week has sucked in my blog world.  I guess I just haven't had anything really that interesting or witty to say.  Hmmm.  Seems that it has been a pretty draining week, what with the tubes, and Joseph's chronic-4something-wakeups.  And really, no one wants to log on to my blog and just hear me whine.  So, instead, I say nothing.

A few positive things though.

It snowed today, which was beautiful.

I got to see both of my good friends today, it was Thomas' birthday, and then I got to hang out with Colleen while Brian went to a party.  So that was nice.

Today was my due date last year.  This was the date that I counted down to for nine months.  I am so glad that he came out (was kicked out) a week early, though, because I got to do this on my due date.

joseph112807 009

joseph112807 007

Pretty sweet.  Except for my greasy hair-that's not so sweet.  Oh well, if it comes down to shower or sleep, I sleep every time.

Keep your fingers crossed that I come across some funny happenings next week...and, again, I apologize.  You can't be on all the time, yes?

Friday, November 21, 2008



Here is what Joseph has been struggling with lately.



I know that there is some lesson to be learned here.  Something about not being able to get what you want until you let go....or something...  Apply it however it speaks to you, my brain is just too fuzzy.

(because tubes, schmubes, Joseph was up at 4:40)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back at it



Here is Joseph finally eating after 17 hours without food.


As you can see, he is back to his old spunky self!

Well, almost.  He is still a little bit wobbly (as his ears adjust to the new pressure), clingy, and tired.  But he did throw his bowl on the ground repeatedly while laughing, so that has to be a good sign, right?

The surgery went really well- very routine, no complications.  From the time they took him out of my arms (no parents during anesthesia administration), to the time the doctor came to tell me that he was done, was only about 5 minutes, tops.  I was filling out paper work the whole time (a very smart distraction technique on the part of the medical center, I am sure.) and didn't even have time to go to the bathroom before he was back.

The nurse had warned me that he would be sleepy/snuggly/groggy when they brought him to me.  At that point, she said, most children will start to come out of it slowly, but stay very sleepy and cuddly.  Some children, however, will be very angry, disoriented, and combative.  Which route do you think Joseph chose?  That's right, he was screaming even as they brought him to me- although his eyes were closed and he was still limp.

He fought and arched his back, and kicked and SCREAMED!  He wasn't in any real pain, just mad, mad, mad.  Finally, the nurses said that we could go- even though it had only been 10 minutes, and we were supposed to be there more like 30.  I guess they figured that a kid who can look you straight in the eye and scream at the top of his lungs is going to be okay.  Also, I am sure that he was upsetting the other patients...

So that was that.  Oh, but did I mention that he woke up at 4 am this morning?  Last night I said, "Please, God, let him sleep until 6 so that I can just get him and go, and he doesn't have to be awake and hungry."  Well, either God has a sense of humor, or I didn't annunciate well.  In any case, Joseph was up from 4 o'clock on and was very whiny and hungry.

I am just glad it is over, and can't wait to see what relief / positive attitude changes this might bring to him (us.)

Is it too much to hope for a 6 am wake up?  Dare I even ask...?


It's Over!

Joseph's ears have officially been tubed!

He's been sleeping since we arrived home.

Yes, he is still breathing (I just checked.)

More updates and details later- I hear coffee and an egg salad sandwich calling my name...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today Joseph Discovered:

- The joy that comes from popping a blueberry in his bare hands. Over. And over.

- It takes 7 canned peach halves to make his tummy feel round, full, and happy. (and sticky)

- He has some sort of toy between his legs.... (Actually, he discovered this on Sunday. So I guess I should say that he REdiscovered this during diaper changes.)

- A white sheet can be fun for lots of things, and will keep him laughing for a long, long time. (Drag him on it, use it as a "parachute," makes forts out of it, etc.

- Crayons are boring and taste bad.

- Ravioli makes him vomit.

Today Caitlin Discovered:

- Any kind of medical procedures, or the thought of them, are WAAAY harder on the Mama than on the baby.

- A hot fudge sundae, or the promise of one in the evening, can help you get through anything.


The big day!

Sorry that my blog is a bit of a dud this week- Joseph is getting his tubes put in tomorrow morning (yikes!) and I am trying to get everything done so that I can devote the whole day (and Friday too) to taking care of him, if needed.
I have all of the stuff for Thursday's Culinary Adventure, but I am going to postpone it until Saturday. Sorry! Stick with me...
Keep Joseph in your thoughts tomorrow at 7am mountain time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walk Like a Man...

He's doing it! He's really doing it!
Please note the labored breathing, frantic arm motions, and the fort that I built us to play in.

Monday, November 17, 2008



This is what a typical trip to the mall for me includes.

I am reluctant to admit it...

Me: Going into Sees Candies.

Sees Lady:  "Welcome to Sees Candies, would you like a free sample?"

Me: (pretending to be surprised.  I don't know why, but I always do!)

"Oh!  Yes, please!"

Sees Lady: "Okay, today's candy is Blah Blah Blah deliciousness."

Me:  "Oh Great!"

Sees Lady:  "Would you like one for your baby."

Me:  (Thinking: What kind of an idiot mother would give their baby a mocha almond truffle?!)

Saying: "Oh, yes please!!"

Me Again:  "Oh Joseph, look what you get to have after your lunch!"

At this point, I usually make some excuse and leave.  Sometimes, if I am feeling extra ashamed, I will buy the cheapest thing that they have.

I get around the corner.

And eat Joseph's free truffle.


Most embarrassing though

is that, if they don't offer to give Joseph a free sample,

I ask if my baby can have one.

So that I can eat it.

There, I said it.

He's a Jumping Machine, Jumping Machine....

Joseph in the Jumeroo... Notice the fast-footed-dance-moves. He gets all of his groove from his Mama!

The trouble with being a giant... that all of the fun toys are way too small for you.

Joseph really wanted to get into the "Jumperoo" that we were borrowing from a friend.

From the front, it looks like he fits in it just fine.


But from the side, you see my poor little tall boy has to bend his legs...


and it was on it's highest setting.

With heavy hearts, we sent this toy back to its owners.

Don't get me wrong, there are many troubles associated with having stubby legs too (I should know...), but that's another post.

P.S.  My little guy just home from the hospital last year.




He had the same hair do!!! Hahaha.

(p.p.s. I get to drop Joseph off at a friends house in an hour and have the rest of the morning to myself!! Lalalalalalala...)

Saturday, November 15, 2008



Okay, last birthday-related post, I promise.

Here is Joseph EXACTLY one year old.


Sleep well (and long)...

One Year Ago Today...


The last pictures of me pregnant were taken.



I was nervous, but so glad to have your Daddy there.


The epidural was lovely!!


My sisters were with me for moral support / picture taking.


(eating pizza in the bathroom so that I couldn't smell it!  I was hungry/nauseated.)

You came into this world, Joseph, and I got to touch you for the first time.


You took your first breath.


Your Daddy and I couldn't stop looking at you.


You were so awake and alert, looking right into my eyes.


Your Grandmas were so excited to meet you!00177

The Doctor was surprised by how BIG you were at only 39 weeks!

00197 (I told her so...)


You made us into a family...




First Cry...

I debated about whether or not this was too private to post...but it is just so sweet to me.
Listen closely, you'll hear Joseph's first cry.
(video by Maureen, my mother-in-law, from the hallway...)

First Birthday Photo Shoot


I felt like these deserved their own post-









Joseph's First Birthday!!


The birthday boy is sleeping, after a very fun day!

This morning, Joseph enjoyed a birthday breakfast of pancakes with applesauce, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, and cheerios! 

IMG_8475 Maybe next year he will get to choose his own...

He got to play a lot with Brian, while I set up for the party.  He really loves his Daddy, and it is fun for me to see/hear them laughing together.

While I was frosting cupcakes, Joseph wanted to be held (as usual) to see what I was doing.  He couldn't resist quietly sticking his little finger in the cupcake...


Once he got a taste, he got a little WILD, and this happened.


Then, I put him down, and this happened.


His two baby friends, along with their parents, and another of my friends (her baby couldn't come) came to Joseph's first party! IMG_8485 We had Papa Murphy's pizza and a salad bar for dinner. IMG_8514 For dessert, we had Rainbow Chip cupcakes, an Autumn Fruit Tart, and Peppermint fudge. IMG_8487 Yum.  The babies had to eat a little more healthy...IMG_8513

When it came time for Joseph to open his presents, he was WAAAY to busy playing with his friends, so I ended up opening them all for him!IMG_8515   Happy Birthday to me! :)


We have such generous friends and family, thank you again to all of you for your gifts /cards / calls!  He is certainly a loved little boy!

For cupcakes/candles/singing, we left more of the lights on this time, and Joseph did much, much better.

IMG_8530 (Brian's picture taking...not so much better.)


Look at what a good sport his baby friend was at wearing a hat!!(notice that Joseph wasn't wearing one in any of the pictures...)


So CUTE!!!

It is so fun to sit and watch the boys play.IMG_8536

Where's Joseph?  You ask,


Doing his own thing!

The three of them really get along well, with very few incidents. (and those are not really preventable yet so...)



Our family, complete with a One Year Old!!!IMG_8549


Thanks again, everyone!  We had a great time!  We are so lucky to have found such great friends in Boise...




(This time last year I was pushing...)