Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joseph's First Birthday!!


The birthday boy is sleeping, after a very fun day!

This morning, Joseph enjoyed a birthday breakfast of pancakes with applesauce, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, and cheerios! 

IMG_8475 Maybe next year he will get to choose his own...

He got to play a lot with Brian, while I set up for the party.  He really loves his Daddy, and it is fun for me to see/hear them laughing together.

While I was frosting cupcakes, Joseph wanted to be held (as usual) to see what I was doing.  He couldn't resist quietly sticking his little finger in the cupcake...


Once he got a taste, he got a little WILD, and this happened.


Then, I put him down, and this happened.


His two baby friends, along with their parents, and another of my friends (her baby couldn't come) came to Joseph's first party! IMG_8485 We had Papa Murphy's pizza and a salad bar for dinner. IMG_8514 For dessert, we had Rainbow Chip cupcakes, an Autumn Fruit Tart, and Peppermint fudge. IMG_8487 Yum.  The babies had to eat a little more healthy...IMG_8513

When it came time for Joseph to open his presents, he was WAAAY to busy playing with his friends, so I ended up opening them all for him!IMG_8515   Happy Birthday to me! :)


We have such generous friends and family, thank you again to all of you for your gifts /cards / calls!  He is certainly a loved little boy!

For cupcakes/candles/singing, we left more of the lights on this time, and Joseph did much, much better.

IMG_8530 (Brian's picture taking...not so much better.)


Look at what a good sport his baby friend was at wearing a hat!!(notice that Joseph wasn't wearing one in any of the pictures...)


So CUTE!!!

It is so fun to sit and watch the boys play.IMG_8536

Where's Joseph?  You ask,


Doing his own thing!

The three of them really get along well, with very few incidents. (and those are not really preventable yet so...)



Our family, complete with a One Year Old!!!IMG_8549


Thanks again, everyone!  We had a great time!  We are so lucky to have found such great friends in Boise...




(This time last year I was pushing...)



Maureen said...

SO happy for you to have found the friends to share the good times with, especially
when family can't be there! Wow, what a difference a year makes!!!

T Rex Mom said...

So glad to have found you!!! We had so much fun!!! You are an amazing hostess! Everything was so yummy. And Thomas had a great time - he immediately fell asleep on the way home. Thanks for such a fun time!