Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sensory Overload!!


Now that Joseph is getting older, I decided to start trying to do some sensory activities with him.  When I taught the one year olds' daycare class, the sensory table was everyone’s favorite place to be! 

I decided to try a rice/bean mixture with some cups and stuff for dumping.  Aren’t I a cool Mom?  I even set it up on the kitchen floor- and tried not to mind the forthcoming mess.

Here comes Joseph (walking!) to check out what I’m doing:


And then, he gets his first feel of the rice and beans…


Note to self, if your child hates grass/hay/noodles/hair/etc., he will probably hate sensory time.

And he did.



What’s that in your mouth, Joseph?IMG_8365

Oh, just a bean.IMG_8366   Good luck gumming on that until it is soft! (He did for about 20 minutes!  I know, I know, but it kept him quiet and happy!  Plus, those teeth are SHARP!  My finger did NOT want a piece of them.)

Not one to accept defeat (we were going to have FUN, darnit!!), I decided that we should try finger painting!  Since we all know that he is mostly going to just eat the finger paint, I decided that he should “paint” with some banana pudding.IMG_8372

Nope, not having it.  Wouldn’t even touch it, and when I gave him a bite, he hated it.

Notice that this contradictory child is eating a banana muffin, but rejecting the banana pudding.IMG_8375

"Where did the banana pudding on his tray go?”, you ask.  "Did you scrape it off with your finger and eat it, Caitlin, because you were so desperate for sugar?"

Awww, you guys know me so well...

(PS Yes, my child was wearing a Christmas outfit.  I also had Christmas music playing in the background.    Thanksgiving, Shmanksgiving, lets all just eat some turkey, and skip ahead to CHRISTMAS!!)





Maureen said...

You are a really COOL Mom! It's only a matter of time before he will LOVE playing in all your sensory stuff. He is so stinkin cute when he is bothered by things stuck to his little paws (hands)

Maureen said...
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T Rex Mom said...

As I always say, you know and have the cool "kid tech". T Rex hates banana pudding, too, but he LOVES bananas. It must be a texture thing. Joseph looks so grown up standing in the photo. Definitely like a little boy and not a baby.