Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Culinary Adventure VII

(Did you know that every week I have to check back through my blog to see what number we are on?  Anything for my readers...)

Tonight on Thursday's Culinary Adventure:


Aww!  Isn't it cute?  Do you know what I think it looks like?  An old man without his dentures.





The Chayote squash is also known as the "vegetable pear" and was a main staple for the Aztecs.  It is supposed to be full of nutrients, and is used in many ancient South American remedies.

Okay, so, I have to apologize.  I knew nothing about this squash when I bought it.  I just thought that it looked adventurous.  Apparently, every part of the squash is edible.  So, all you have to do is

Cut it in halfIMG_8301

slice it upIMG_8302

and eat it.

Not a very exciting Culinary Adventure.  Who knew???!!  Oh well, I've been sick, so it's good to ease back into things, yes?

To spice up this Culinary Adventure a little, I will throw in another story about the Chayote Squash.  Apparently, a rumor spread around the US that MacDonalds was actually using Chayote squash in their apple pies instead of apples!  It launched a campaign where MacDonalds emphasized their delicious pies, made with "real apples!!"

Sorry, that's all I've got.

Taste Testers Say:



p.s. Joseph has a busted chin and eye.IMG_8307

Summary:  Meh, just okay for me.  And Brian thought that it tasted like grass.  Upon further consideration, I decided that it tasted like grass as well.  Weird.  Very juicy though- kind of like the love child of jicama and an asian pear.  And grass.

I put some garlic salt on it, and it was much better immediately.  I would recommend dousing it with some olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper, and stir frying it for a few minutes.  I bet that would be yummy-ish...

I'm trying it another night.

Grade: C  (but it has potential!!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to clean up pee from the bathroom floor, and milk from behind my stove.  It's been one of those days....



T Rex Mom said...

No convincing enough a review to want to try it. Do you think it was ripe enough?

Brenna said...

We tried it fried up in olive oil with garlic salt, and it was really yummy!